100h in and I still suck at combat


The thing that I hate the most is the fact that I can never do any Ripostes. but when I try it with sir Bernard I riposte the s*%! out of him. Then as soon as I oppose someone else, I die.

Anyone else with this problem?
I have the best sword, best armor, henry is max lvl

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Bernard is fast but forgiving. Friendly. Others don’t play with you. I don’t have problem with ripostes but combos which enemies interrupt very easily. But that’s not what I need anyway. I just clinch them and wait till they exhaust.



I have over 100 hours of playtime and still suck at swordplay. I am much better with the mace and adequate with the bow. The old saying… Practice, practice, practice holds true in this game.



combos, riposte, bernard more than the usual main quests?!
No sir, i am fighting in and with my own style, in a medium-heavy plate armor mixture, not max lvl or great skilled. I am not winning every fight BUT often as i should and i can really believe :blush: :smile:



Reposts:It’s easiest with the 2 handed sword. Make sure you have paid for training and leveled up your 2 handed sword skill. I find that by the time you see the combat icon and press block the timing for the repost is over. What I do is watch the enemies weapon arm, his forearm elbow and bicep. “as soon as” that arm starts to jiggle press block. sometimes his arm will jiggle and he won’t swing at you but there is nothing I can do about that. Otherwise this system works very well.



I just perfect block, attack. Perfect block, attack. Usually a stab attack, no matter what I’m wielding.