[2 Ideas] Limited Treasure Chest & Limited Armour usability


Hello there,
Having played KCD once and waiting for all the DLCs and Modsupport for a second more complete play through, I have come up with 2 ideas to make that experience more challenging and authentic.

  1. Making it so that plate-armour that is not bought in shops has a "non fitting’’ effect. This effect makes it impossible to equip or gives a major debuf.

  2. Adjusting the contents of treasure chests in such a way that they no longer contain good pieces of armour or weaponry apart from specific legendary gear.

My goal with this is to make it realistically hard to acquire descend armour, especially plate.
The problem is that i have no experience modding this game and so have no idea what is possible and how to achieve it. I suspect that part 2 is pretty easy once we get access to the container content lists.
So the question is is anyone else interested in these mods and who would help in creating them.