2nd playthrough bugs and glitches

I’m on my second playthrough and I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen but I started off with 8.5k gold, st George’s sword, a couple of lockpicks, a couple of quest items including the letter you get from Erik’s desk informing you that talmberg is being taken. Has anyone else experienced that.

There is also some bugs with quests. In the good thief there is no ring in the 3 chests in the house or the chests outside. It is not on the executioner, when I talk to him and pay for it I give up the gold but I don’t get the ring. When I talk to him again the only option is training.

The other quests is the hunting quests with Hans Caupon. When he get captured straight after the cut scene I spawns right next to the cuman camp and they are hostile straight away. I’m doing the merciful achievement so I can’t kill them but when I reload saves it’s always the same. Also Lord Caupon is no where to be seen in the camp.

No matter if I reload saves and do it a different way o can’t solve thesd 2 quests.

Am I the only one to expperoenced this?

Don’t use this (broken) save…
start a new game and don’t use (old/outdated) MODs.

Sorry probably should of stated im on the PS4. I really don’t want to start again but looks like I’ll have to.

I am having the same issue. I am playing the royal edition on the PS4. I just finished the main quest, which is saved under playline 1, and I started a new game under playline 2. No matter what I do, I start the game with some gear and items I had in my inventory on the playline 1.

I have the cuman ears and the letter from vranik, lockpicks, dice, armor, weapons… I started the game many times, both on normal mode and hardcore, and it’s always the same items that carry over from the other playline. This looks like some nasty bug, and I hope it gets fixed, because it totally ruins the new playthrough.

If you’re on your second playthrough, why do you have so much late-game gear already? When you start a new game, you shouldn’t have any of that. Try starting a new game, and remember that lots of quests end up breaking as soon as you enter Vranik, so try to do all side quests first.

Sorry dude but did you read our comments. That’s the bug. We have all that late game stuff because of a bug/glitch. This is what we are complaining about.

When we start a new game all these bugs are in there. It breaks the game and make us unable to progress any further. I can only go as far as the hunting quests with Lord Caupon because after I kill the cuman Hans isn’t even tied up at the camp. The quest marker is there still but he’s not physically there. When I leave the area I get quest failed because I abandoned him and the Cumans (I already killed) killed him.

This is a major bug. I started another new game too and it’s still occurs

Gotcha. I play on PC, so I’m unaware of this bug. Hope it gets fixed for your sake though!

Maybe try deleting all of your saves and/or reinstalling?

When hunting with Capon, do you have a horse?