3rd shipping wave


In order to come straight to the point I will start with this quote from kickstarter update 64:

We will most likely deliver the next consignment of games and rewards in batches rather than individually – one batch around the end of February and one in late March.

Sadly I was not under the “the end of February shipment”. Now it is late March.

My question is since your update policy for your backers is not that good when - for all those who yet did not received their physical rewards - can we expect your LAST shipping wave?

I am really getting nervous!


Best regards

edit: Because I am very lucky with my online orders… what if my package would arrive damaged with the last shipping wave?

edit 2: You should pin any information about it either here, on kickstarter or per emaii. Little updates on progress. Would that be too much to ask?

Our production manager is already in contact with you (or soon will be) by mail.
I will close this thread now, so there is no duplicate or chaotic information.