40 questions

  1. How much time does in game day take in real life? -96 minutes.
  2. Third person view is not planned, but will it be optional while riding a horse? -Only used for testing by developers.
  3. How do the horse stats affect its abilities?
    Strength - improved speed, stamina, carrying capacity.
    Agility - improved responsiveness.
    Vitality - improved health.
    Courage - reduced fear?
    Charisma - improved social status?
    Visibility - improved concealment?
    Noise - reduced visibility?
    Speed - faster sprint.
  4. Is melee fighting on horseback going to make it to final game or just horseback archery? -Simple melee horseback fighting is possible. Longsword can not be used from horseback.
  5. Can you pull off the person from horseback and the opposite too? -Possibly yes.
  6. Does your horse need to eat and sleep as well? -No.
  7. What dialogue options are for unimportant (not included in quests) NPCs? -Generic stuff.
  8. Are there more animals except sheep, cows, chickens, rabbits, deers, boars, pigs and bears? -Possibly goose. No cats or fish.
  9. Is dog companion still planned or you definitely cancelled it?
  10. Can anybody poison your food?
  11. Will your facial hair grow over time? -Planned.
  12. Are there any clothes for decorative purpose or all of them have any stat bonus or you just maintain any parts to be clean and you will not have reduced charisma? -Yes.
  13. Are children in game? If yes, are they invincible or harmless? Can you have dialogue or steal from them? -Probably not.
  14. Can your character jump anywhere, for example into wide deep river, or are there invisible walls (except of map boundaries)? I saw character was unable to jump into water in beta play-through? -No, Henry can not swim.
  15. Can your character move or unsheathe his weapon during dialogues without exiting the dialogue menu? -No.
  16. Is woman character ready for DLC or just planned? -Just planned.
  17. Can you customize your character body size, change hair colour, add scars, and so on? -Planned.
  18. Is world alive while you are browsing your inventory? Does the time stop? -Alive, no stop.
  19. Do all items have any price and weight? Can you sell stolen items? -Quest items found weightless.
  20. Is blacksmithing still planned or you definitely cancelled it? -Cancelled.
  21. Are there polearms and slings, or any other weapons except swords, sabers, axes, hammers, shields, bows and crossbows? -Possibly polearms, no for slings and crossbows which are considered to be added.
  22. Is there combat option to unarm opponent? -No.
  23. Can you kill yourself by falling from height? -Yes, in the final game.
  24. Can I undress my character to look naked? In socks and underwear? -Underwear.
  25. Is there total nudity or sexual scenes? -Not nudity, yes sexual scenes.
  26. What is maximum achievable character level for you and your horse?
  27. Is friendly fire allowed? Especially enemies to each other? -Yes.
  28. Can you wear women clothes as Henry? -Maybe.
  29. Can you throw weapons at targets, except arrows from bow?
  30. Can you skin, take trophies or meat from any animal? Can you kill all animals? I saw chicken immortal in walk through video? -Skinning. Meat. You can kill chicken.
  31. Can you use torch on horseback? -No.
  32. Can NPCs change clothes during their daily routine?
  33. Will NPCs also have dirty and bloody clothes, especially when you take them from their corpses for yourself?
  34. Will you have a map of all locations you visit or you are currently in? Can you always open up your map?
  35. If I knock anyone out and I throw his body to water, will he drown?
  36. If anyone is running away, can I grab him and slam his body to ground or knock him out?
  37. Can I fist fight in any battle or just set up duel?
  38. Can I knock anyone out, when he wears a shield?

I just watched stream where developers said horse riding tournaments are planned. Horse races to be more specific. Tournaments are for foot combatants.


(1.) I think it’s an hour?
(2.) No to TPV. Search the forums, there’s been and still is plenty of discussions around that topic.
(3.) This is probably fairly straightforward and self explanatory
(a.) Strength - Assuming carry weight impacts speed and stamina stats, then the higher the strength, the higher the carry capability and lessened negative impact to things like speed and stamina.
(b.) Agility - Responsiveness and speed of movement
(c.) Vitality - Health
(d.) Courage - To jump or not to jump… that is the question?
(e.) Charisma - How well horsey does with the mares :wink:
(f.) Visibility - Are you sure these are horse specific stats?
(g.) Noise - Fleet of foot
(h.) Speed - Overall acceleration and top gallop speed
(4.) Nope we don’t believe so. Horse mounted combat is very limited in KCD. Horseback archery has been confirmed.
(5.) I’d assume so
(6.) Probably not… It can die though. So who knows?
(7.) Surely not every NPC will have dialogue options… could be wrong though
(8.) Bees. Birds. Cats. Dogs…
(9.) Planned for DLC post release
(10.) Doubtful
(11.) Apparently yes, hair (including facial hair) should grow over time.
(12.) Yes, some items of clothing are decorative; which may or may not provide statistical modifications.
(13.) No children
(14.) I’d wager on there being an invisible wall
(15.) No, I don’t believe this is going to be possible.
(16.) Unknown
(17.) No character customization. Henry is a set protagonist with a pre-configured look. Hair style and facial hair should be changeable, as is clothing and accessories. We believe that scarring may also be included, but not confirmed.
(18.) Time doesn’t stop. NPC routines continue
(19.) From what we’ve seen, yes. Only some vendors will accept stolen goods.
(20.) Blacksmithing / weapon crafting mechanic will not be a part of the final game. Weapon sharpening remains
(21.) Polearms are confirmed. Crossbows are not
(22.) Then you’ve answered your own question… yes
(23.) Yes, of course
(24.) Down to his under-garments.
(25). Sex scenes yes. Total nudity, probably not.
(26.) 99? Don’t know



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Try to watch some video updates.


I saw it before. They said it had to be polished in another video and it was taken out of alpha or beta or which version.


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  1. Is friendly fire allowed? Especially enemies to each other.
  2. Can you wear women clothes as Henry?
  3. Can you throw weapons at targets, except arrows from bow?
  4. Can you skin, take trophies or meat from any animal? Can you kill all animals? I saw chicken immortal in walk through video.
  5. Can you use torch on horseback?


I’m almost positive there already is. Seen plenty of clothing bugs in the Beta. including but limited to, old Henrys dong, some of the village women’s tits. Also none of the women have panties on.


Ratio is 15 to 1. Like in Sykrim.


No, Henry is not able to swim. Swimming was uncommen at this time.
Yes, there are invisible walls (grr, I hate them).

No/Yes… sometime you have an option to start a fight… but this closes the dialogue.

Just planned… after release…maybe ???


Not in the beta. But in the final game…

Also something AC style (jumping into hay).


No (only bug)/ Yes

No(they never promised jousting)/Horse races are planned

Yes, it´s in the beta.

Not in the beta. In the final game? Maybe, could be a stealth mission…

Meat from hare is in the beta.

Not immortal. If you shot arrows on them they explode (in the beta)…

In the beta: No/yes by bug

There is not always a 100% percent answer. Some details can change/drop during final process…



How much is the fish? Are u really try to answer this questions?
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  1. Can NPCs change clothes during their daily routine?
  2. Will NPCs also have dirty and bloody clothes, especially when you take them from their corpses for yourself?
  3. Will you have a map of all locations you visit or you are currently in? Can you always open up your map?


I don’t know if NPC will change clothing. I can’t see why they couldn’t, but I don’t know if they are programmed to do so. (not in the beta in any case).

Yes, armour and clothing is visibly bloodied, torn and damaged during injury. When removed from the enemy it will have the same appearance when equipped on the player. Damage can modify the ‘impress’ and ‘might’ value of the equipment (and how well you ‘fit’ into different groups). It might also be a factor in conspicuousness, though I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what is going on there.

Your map is a map of the 4km x 4km world , with unvisited areas ‘clouded’ by literal clouds held aloft by angels. At higher levels of zoom the local town areas are swapped in with more detailed pictorial ‘map’ of the local village/town/locale where this is appropriate.
In the Beta we have maps of Talmberk (village and castle) with distant representations of the adjacent locales, Merhojed (with the nearby locales in the margins, including Talmberk castle) and Samopesh. There are other locations which are seen on the main map and which lack this more detailed representation, such as Merhojed windmill, Kolben Estate and the ‘hidden’ camp.
You can only view the detailed layer when at the appropriate location in the beta, but the overall map is visible at all times (though as the game doesn’t currently pause in menus, you might not want to spend hours perusing it in the midst of combat, and you can’t use it in dialogues).


I was more curious, if you happen to be in secret area, for example prison, and your goal is to break out of there but to be competitive, you are not presented with pointers and stars, neither map.


The maps are more graphical and less ‘mappy’ than that.
Exactly how the breaking out of gaol goal is handled I couldn’t say as this isn’t approached at all in the beta. I guess the map could be ‘clouded’ or blocked for the duration, but care would be needed to not just appear like an interface bug.