6th play through 1 year later

First off id like to say hello to any of the originals left that i use to chat with here when the game 1st launched.
I just started playing my 6th play through after leaveing the game for over a year. Last time i played was during the band of basturds dlc, i never played the newest dlc A Womans Lot. Main thing i wanted to say is WOW, the game runs so perfect and smooth now. I even noticed some new cut scenes added in here and there giving the game some new life again. Its really nice to see the game the way it was meant to be. This is really a whole new game compared to when it first came out, its so great. The dog is by far my most favorite dlc, i never thought a womans lot would be my favorite. All though i did fully lvl my dog in an hour. It was kinda funny when i realized all i have to do to lvl the dog is spam the praise chat over n over lol. But over all the game runs flawless and its so nice that all the dlc comes together and makes the game the way it was always ment to be.

PS i played for 2 days before i found a way to cheese the game and max out all your stats. Its kind of funny. I was doing the quest " lost in translation" when i noticed if i stand just right behind the cuman . It will let me punch the back of his head. Lol u can max out by just standing there and punching his head… hands only if u use a weapon , itll 1 shot him.
Also sry if theres alot of typo s i sent this from my phone while on my lunch break. lol


Have you made any changes to your computer?

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No sir, everythings the same .

I still can’t marry Theresa, but I agree it is much better.

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So, I just had mine after almost 300 hours of playing: I cleared out that last really tough camp the Sasau D-bag gives and came away with tons of loot and collected my earnings. I went to the inn to drop off all the gear but I forgot to take a nap and save and instead headed right to Rattay. Bad idea. A bunch of pathetic peasants ambush me and almost bring me down, but I barely made it. So I marigold it up and start looting when all of a sudden I hear voices behind me. Coming through the woods are a fully plated squad of bandits, and I have very little chance to avoid detection, but I managed to stealth kill one before two others jump me. I manage to kite and kill those two with half my life gone. I’m bleeding though, so I apply bandages and kick back another marigold. I start to walk back toward the road and two more full plate stragglers come running out of the bushes. They caught me by surprise, so I got flanked and I’m back to bleeding out, but I get a good clinch and stab to the face on one and I get a scar maker combo in to finish off the last one with barely enough time to open my inventory to stop the bleeding again. Wheeew. I almost saw about 20k go down the tubes.]


LOL nice job brother!