A Bird in the Hand - No Cages

Hi everyone,

I’ve run into a fresh issue on the quest A Bird in the Hand… which doesn’t seem to be anything too new. My issue is that when I speak to Berthold to accept the quest, he doesn’t give me any empty bird cages and the nightingales in Vranik don’t spawn either. I’m playing on PC (v1.9.5-404-503) so I tried console-commanding some empty bird cages in, but this didn’t make a difference either (still no birds). I then tried console-commanding filled cages in, but Berthold doesn’t recognize them.

I’d really like to complete the quest just for the sake of completion, and it bums me out to not experience a quest. :frowning:

Thanks for any help!

The empty birdcages should be in your inventory as other (or misc - i don’t remember - the last tab of your inventory) not quest items. The nightingales are not near Vranik, but over at the ruins (where the ancient treasure chest is) by the woodcutters just as you enter the woods. I just did this quest a few days ago on this run through – though I’ve played several run throughs with over 1k total hours played.

You listen for them, go to your inventory (other) and DROP 1 trap. skip time for one hour, and the trap will be covered by a cloth. Grab it and go looking for the other two. They’re basically west in a straight-ish line.

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Thanks for the reply! The issue I’m facing is that the empty birdcages do not spawn in my inventory at all. And I guess because I have no birdcages I also hear no birds.