A few questions on mapping and how a womans lot works in modding

Hi everyone, I was wondering how to actually get textures to show on the ground like when painting because this version of cry engine is different than the guides I’ve found online. I got it to show blurry textures far away but whenever I zoom in it goes right back to the checkered tile. Any help on that would be appreciated. I am still new so a breakdown would help I don’t have much experience when it comes to the cry engine.

The other question I have is when it comes to pulling up a womans lott in editor and testing it pulls up theresa as a character as it should. I’ve been looking around but I haven’t found what makes her character called for when loading that one specific level. I would like to make a mod involving her eventually but I was wondering what makes her character load into the level. I assume it’s somewhere in the level data or something like that since it loads her in the editor too? Or there maybe some option I’m missing.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. =) Thanks everyone!

So I wanted to update anyone that’s interested in trying to implement theresa as a main character in mods. I haven’t figured out exactly what in the file it’s called for but it’s the level.editor_xml that calls for the script that sets her as the main character. I did a test with taking the level editor from dlc 4 world and went to the test world I made and when I loaded in (with a ton of errors from files it was trying to load that aren’t present). It loaded her in game =) EDIT So it seems that it’s the SharedsoulGUID and GUID. Which if copied from rataje_dlc4 it’ll bring theresa into the game when you switch to game in the editor. =) I hope this helps someone! Just sharing info since it isn’t around from what I’ve searched.

So I just wanted to share info for anyone that is curious. When it comes to learning things such as mapping I found that guides that cover cry engine 3 are pretty much the closest to this build you have to change materials to change close up mapping. =)
Now keep in mind I have absolutely no coding experience or anything so I’m just doing this as a learning experience in hopes to expand my knowledge. =D

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