A horse is not a 4x4

Hi to all,

I have started playing the campaign in extreme mode. And I wanted to launch a suggestion. The realism improvements for the character are very noticeable but they have totally forgotten the horses.

I have seen video of people playing this game that directly trace a straight line to their target and gallop regardless of the obstacles.

Without wanting to enter into paranoia and sickly hyperrealism, have not you feel this a little unreal? I do not know if they have ridden a horse but riding a horse like that is crazy. People formerly rode on roads not to be more respectful, rode on roads because doing it in the middle of the field could be dangerous for the animal and injure, this could be very expensive. They did not do it in the same way that today nobody drives off the road if it is not strictly necessary. This could suppose to the horse wounded in hooves by nails, great stones between the undergrowth, etc … Besides that, to mount thus a horse between brambles and other leafy undergrowth could scratch and make to bleed all the body of the animal.

I think it would simply be a good idea to add a health penalty to the horse when riding off-road and depending on the terrain type when galloping off-roads, plus a remote random chance of damage to the horse by some nail or abandoned iron or similar and that the horse could not gallop until going to a blacksmith for example who would know how to heal it.

I think that would make people respect the way they move around the map on horseback. This would be done only in extreme mode, leaving normal mode as usual.

It’s just an idea to improve this magnificent game even more.


A horse has 4 active legs, like a 4x4 has 4 active tires. I always ride straight to the target. No matter what block my way.

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A wheel can be hit with a stone and continue rolling if it has not affected the tire, a horse’s leg before the same knock simply does not or the horse limps. Also a tire can also puncture or burst in the field (I know what I’m talking about xD)

Look, I do not argue, but it does not seem realistic to me. Someone who has ridden a horse knows this. In the same way that fencing has been advised by professionals and treated realistically. The horse I think can not be treated as something for A to B no matter how in a game with such a degree of realism in all aspects. Knowing how to deal with the horse would give the game a + according to my opinion. Also I insist, this would only be an idea and only for the extreme way.

You will always be free to ride in a straight line through ditches, streams, stones, branches and brambles or travaes of the forest downhill like a madman, but you should be penalized in the health of the horse, simply. Maybe in a moment of life or death, during an assault by bandits, this is necessary to save life and it is worth exposing oneself to risk, but riding on a horse continuously seems excessive if we want a realistic hardcore mode.

I insist it is the opinion of someone who likes horses and has ridden them off road. It is simply a suggestion, respect to those who take the game as an arcade and activate mods to load things unlimitedly, have better weapons and other cheats to win, but there is another variant of player who wants to face a real challenge with the difficulties that puts the story of the game in more complex real situations.

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The only thing what is realistic in the game is the geographical landscape. But a lot things look very generated. For example every village has the exactly same objects placed somewhere around like that ugly bird house (or is it a cat house?) at the Miller’s farm where Theresa is. The trees looks copied and pasted. I wish more variation in the vegetation. No children, no teens, no cats, no bears, no riding NPCs, no unique daily routines for NPCs (they just walking around, do nothing and walking back again) and in the background you hear everyone talking. The NPCs looks like placeholders to fill a town with life, but all that looks not realistic. It is also not realistic to learn new skills by spending points and click on a skill tree menu. The combat system is not realistic. People never had hold their weapon like that.

So what? Even if everything you said was true (which is not), why would it prevent people from wanting more realism in certain aspects?

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What? Right through buildings?

Do you know why there are no children? because some idiot would play to kill children with the sword and upload this it in some channel and then the game would be racist, male and sadistic to now xD . I think that sincerely, all that they have taken into account, it does not mean to greater effort but like many aspects must have in mind many things and preferences of most players. And still 90% of the mods are to make it easier and simpler.

About the graphic details … well honestly I had not even realized what really not bothers me. As I said before, if this game is already demanding for a normal PC when you are in a city, imagine if you also added cats, rats, children, more dogs still … Not everyone can have a 1080 Ti ; )

The problem with all this, is that they must make the games as they can not as they want many times. The question is how can we improve it, that is my intention simply, I do not try to say if it is better or worse or to discuss

Oh no. Not again that children bullshit. Witcher 3 has children, Skyrim has children, Bioshock has children. And where’s the problem when killing them? Hysterical people crying for everything. In games like “Hatred” which you can buy on Steam, you play a killer who has to kill civilists and children. Where are the hysterical people here?

When the goal is to make a historical accurate world, then add children. No matter when some idiots get a heart attack. Let them cry.

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Who is the hysteric here now? xDDD Besides, did not we talk about horses? xD If you want the realistic introduction of children open your post, you have all the right.

My intention with this post was only to try to make a suggestion for the greatest realism in the handling of the horse.

I will not go into controversy, you’re wrong person. Boards Cheesqueen : )

It’s quite obvious to me that he has hard time reading what other people are saying. By replying to him, you just keep his tendency to flood your topic over. This is his general way of communicating on this forum as I can tell from other threads. I wouldn’t bother to respond. At least, in a serious way.

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I thank thee for this answer, so sincere and straight. It reveals thy true nature.

Back to the horses. I generally agree with sscorpioo, problem is what it would do to the game? People use horse to not spend too much time travelling. If you force them to ride slowly and stick to the roads, they would not be happy. I myself am not sure if I would be happy. And what about mounted warrior in the fight? Can you imagine how annoying would it be if your horse started limping in the heat of battle? But then I have a remedy - perks. Any obstacle is bearable if you know that you can level up and then make it easier. A “terrain horse” perk would be a nice motivation to gain levels in horseriding.

For the most part I agree with you. But nobody talks about traveling slowly. You can travel by horse at trot, which is also highly recommended in forest and not very safe places. You will not see a messenger on horseback at the pass; )

In the battles it is another world, there is no good and it is clear that at that moment the horse’s safety is the last thing that matters. Also believe me, in my game mode extrem and despite riding on roads mostly I have good experience of riding, because, often you must go into the forest or try to shorten the road where there is not.

I think it would provide a more positive than negative experience, it’s my opinion

You don’t have to force anyone, you can make the feature optional.

Well, now enemies can unhorse you, so…

So far, I have no issue with horses on this game. At least theres no lions taking you down an offing you like on Skyrim. A 4x4 mod would be cool though, as long as you dont have to use the horses shifter to kick into gear.

Morons. Don’t remove my posts anymore!

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Greetings :slightly_smiling_face: I agree with your post. I love the horses and horseback riding in the game, and I have owned and ridden horses in real life. What you say makes sense. Horses can be injured and go lame by stumbling in a hole, sliding in loose gravel, etc. a careful rider would be mindful of these things especially if they are not riding a good trail horse. Of course this is a game and not everyone will appreciate these things- they just want to get from point A to point B.
When riding in the game, I sometimes travel off-road, and ride accordingly. I walk my horse very carefully down steep slopes, slow down for sharp turns, and only gallop through woods the are fairly clear.
I think they did a great job with horses and it seems very realistic right down to the hoof beat sounds changing with the terrain. I was delighted when I left my horse with the other horses (in Band of Bastards) and he started grazing with the others! I know, it’s a little detail but it really adds to the realism, IMO.
Sometimes when I watch game play videos of people riding in KCD I smh. I know exactly where you’re coming from.