A Needle in a Haystack, Go Directly to Jail

It appears the flags that reference you committing violations in the monastery are also referencing universal flags that occurred prior to joining the monastery.

As an example, I start the quest line, receive my robes and talk to Antonius, reject his tour. I have a free day, as it is my first day cloistered, so I use it to chat with monks and novices. Then either Circator John or Circator Stibor approach me and engage in mandatory dialogue that asks if we are in a Tavern and why am I fighting. I have hit absolutely no one and engaged in zero violence inside the monastery.

I am mandated to their equivalent of jail if I don’t want to instantly fail the quest(s).

I have reloaded multiple times and the behavior is the same. Sometimes it will occur specifically in the garden area, other times it will occur anywhere. Perhaps just the first day is bugged and then it will improve. I need to test more. Also, I do not have any blood or bruises on me as I went to the bathhouse prior to agreeing to take on the robes.

One element I want to try is to kill (or perhaps knock out) both John and Stibor and place them in the very jail they are so eager to take me to. Will this impact the questline at all if both NPCs are dead? I know John was up for the Abbot position.

let me know if you recommend some way to fix this questline for myself, because it is currently unplayable.

No it wont mess up the main quest to kill them. Knocking them out wont work. They will just come after you when they wake up.

Do not serve the jail time because it will start a cycle of you missing your duties and getting sent to monastery jail over and over again. Even if you have a high speech skill because after so many times of talking your way out of it they stop believing anything you say and just throw you in jail.

You will miss a couple of quests for them. 1 to get them more wine and another for a novice that they are giving a hard time for catching them drinking in the dorm basement.

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So I played around with this last night. It appears that on day 1 if I go ahead and just speak with everyone and go directly to jail from the bug, the bug no longer occurs after that. So I just have to suck it up and take a day to continue the quest line properly.

Initially, I thought the bug would keep happening and the two Circators would continue to send me to jail, but they stop after the initial time.

That one happened to me too but the crime was supposedly from sasau and not the monastary so they never threw me in monastary jail.

There is a part later where you have to wait for something to be delivered to the monastary kitchen. Don’t skip time to wait for it like the guides online say to do. You will get in trouble for skipping out on your duties.