A question about radzig (spoilers for main storyline)

There were quite a few hints early on about the situation with Henry’s ahem father. Was there any indication that Sir Radzig cared for Henry’s mother or was she just some girl from his land?

Did anyone else find it weird how Henry and Radzig just started calling each other father and son very quickly after the truth came out?

I didn’t find it odd at all that they called each other as such so apparently quickly.
Henry lost his “Father” and was utterly at sea, and it is likely that Radzig was somewhat dying to recognize his son publicly.
Henry latched onto Radzig as his father while striving to revenge his “foster father” and retrieve the sword that belonged in a way to both his fathers.
The epilogue with Martin (Foster-Father) was beautiful and had me in tears.
This game was utterly wonderful.


ya, seemed kind abrupt… No confrontation when he get back from escaping. No scene of reconciliation. IMHO poorly done and prolly for time and coding ease

I think that you perhaps skipped the cutscene after the returning from the Vraník?

Nope. did not. game jumped scenes.
I escaped with all my gear( & 3 dead guards) scene cuts to me in the woods half naked limping with help, then at the castle at first w/o most of my gear then with gear and calling him father.

If anything the game did. Also the coding of the game does not allow for escaping with retrieval of all your gear.

No, but I’m still pissed that people like Robard and Bernard can still order Henry around even though he is a noble, lol.

Yes. The first time Henry visits Pirkstein, when all the lords are gathered, Radzig speaks about Henry’s parents. He compliments the father and then pauses before stating that the mother was special too. That he cared for her is obvious if you know the truth.

At 8:40:

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what drove me nuts and still kinda pissis me off is the fact after it comes out that hes your father. no1 calls you ser or m’lord. i want to be a noble so bad. thats why i always wear the armor with any gold inlay on it lol. but i hope in the new up and coming dlc and episode, everyone better address me with my correct title.

Radzig hasta formally acknowledge Henry as his bastard son first.
Not sure how tho prolly thru a ceremony or proclamation.

I do not think the bastard children can take their parent’s titles. They have to be legit.

He’s not a noble, he’s a peasant. Radzig couldn’t marry Henry’s mother because she was a peasant. Only legit children will have the title.

I don’t even know what Henry’s real mother was. But anyway even if he is a bastard he still has a higher position than Robard or Bernard.

In Game of Thrones they can. ^^

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Game of thrones is a fantasy and do whatever their creators want.
KCD is based on reality and hafta follow the social rules of the times.

That was a joke.
Bastards could even become heirs to the throne but it depended on the place and situation like in KCD for example. Since Henry is the only son of Radzig it automatically makes him the legitimate successor.


Thanks everyone. Do you think we will hear more about how Martin ended up with Henry’s mother? Radzig must have spoken to martin quite a bit to know so much about his history. They seemed like somewhat friends

Your question changes history. Radzig is a Noble without land but he now has a son. The game makers have neutered Radzig and Hal, because historically this would be the time a young bastard noble could rally angry peasants to fight. How about this, why can’t Henry get a letter to enter the monastery as himself. The game’s already prioritized education and his foster father wanted him to go in that direction. One could say Henry would look at it as a dyeing wish. “Do you want to meet or beat new people”

I think it was just as a man of radzig stature he couldn’t be seen as having any weaknesses such as marrying a common women. I do believe though he wanted Henry to be trained as a knight or something of the sorts and saw to his apprenticeship as a black smith. Which would be like a gunsmith for the military today. I get the feeling he was going to allow Henry to enter his service in the beginning when he wanted him to bring his sword to him, I believe he would have done it then but instead allowed him to enter later in rattay to begin his training

Your right they make it seem he was nothing at all and rose to those ranks but from my studies that would be almost impossible back then. Being a blacksmiths apprentice would actually be near the top of the regular folks ranking or even in a young knights training. Because being able to not only forge swords, armor, and repair armor for yourself would Be of great importance. But would also save a knights coin and could potentially do the same services for a profit for his mates in the military. Be a kind of trader himself