A Way to Create a Custom Resolution?

Anyone here know of a way to create a custom resolution? I’m running it a 3440x1440 but I’d love to try it at 2560x1080 for the performance boost. The in game options do not show that resolution for me though. I’ve looked through the system.cfg but there doesn’t seem to be any option to edit a resolution. Any help?

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I’m in the same boat. What I did is a custom resolution via the Nvidia control panel.
Made a screenshot to show you how. It’s in German though, but you can’t miss it:

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I’m interested in this, too. I play at 1768x992 due to using an older lcd tv. Normally, this isn’t a problem as other games and Nvidia recognize this resolution. KC:D does not, however, and using the GeForce Experience to change the resolution doesn’t work, and I’ve also tried to set up a user.cfg with the lines r_width = 1768
r_height = 992 but that doesn’t seem to get recognized.

I figured out how to do it. Go to the folder: Local Disk (C:) /Users/“Your Name”/Saved Games/Kingdomecome/profiles/default and edit the attributes.xml with a text editor. There is a few lines there that state your resolution. Just change them to what you need. It worked perfect for me!

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Or just do what I did with a few simple clicks. Messing around with cfg and xml files is so 2004.
Bonus: You can use the custom res in other games too.

Doesn’t that make it so that everything is changed to that resolution including your desktop? If you want to keep your current resolution for everything else but just have it changed for the game, I think you need to use the xml files. It’s still pretty easy, also just a few clicks and hit save. :slight_smile: Unless I’m not seeing something in the custom resolution screen. Either way, both methods work, so problem solved.

That doesn’t work for me. My desktop resolution already is what I want (1768x992). KC:D doesn’t recognize this fact and doesn’t have a matching option in its settings.

And changing the .xml file doesn’t work for me, either, as the game chooses the nearest of its resolutions to the one I want (which doesn’t fit the visible screen).

You were absolutely correct! Editing the xml actually would never truly save the resolution. It would revert to the next closest every time upon reloading. I didn’t realize that when making a custom resolution through Nvidia, that you could just make it visible to games to use it and not have to change to it as a main desktop resolution. It works incredibly well this way. Thanks for the solution!

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You’re more than welcome!

i had aloooot of problems, thanx <3