A woman´s lot: always get killed by a cuman arrow


I have a problem while playing a Woman´s Lot. While sneaking away from Skalitz to get to the mines, I always get killed by an cuman arrow, although I wasn´t discovered or fighting or fleeing. Beside me, does someone else has this problem? Can someone help me or do have an explanation for my problem?
I can also provide logs to help with this error, if needed.

Thanks for your help!

some routing or plot issue, yes. You supposed to walk like shown below:

Ok? Thank you, i´m going to try it.

This is very helpful, I keep getting killed trying to get to the mine entrance…… Thanks for the tip.

Alternative Route:
The stream behind the mill…violet path

Yeah, Teresa can avoid all cumans this way, instead of stelskilling one on my route, wich may be harder.

Thank you for the tip. I got through the quest finaly.

Yes, when you drift too far from the destination you get killed by a magic arrow. (first time it happened i thought ‘dang just like RDR2, that sucks.’) It’s to keep you on task.

you can also go under and past the bridge and then sneak across the field… staying some distance from the Cuman horse that you can’t steal/ride