A woman's lot dlc help

I have a problem with the mission of la madonna di sasau, I practically robbed the tailor ambrose before I found out I had to play dice with him. now when I talk to him he replies that he has no money and consequently the mission fails.
does anyone know how to fix it? maybe starting the mission again with the console

There are different endings to the dlc depending in how you act in the Quest - the dlc should be finishable you Just have not every ending available

I know… is there a way to restore a character’s items? I would like the god ending

I dont think so - I did the whole thing 3 times to get the good ending :wink:

They(his wife) just won’t help you at last event of the DLC quest, but it’s not critical yet. She is only the first one.
But just take care, if you got hate from all of your NPC, it’s difficult to go good ending without their helps.
Reputation, status, whatever. Don’t go too low.

Bad end depends only your move while the last events(preparing).
Normal/or/Good depends your points of sum of your helpers, choices, reputations…
You can recover your loss by other good reputations.

Critical fail will only happen while the last preparing. So, Just save your data before to talk Bishop. (He even kill you instantly if you say wrong.)

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