A Woman's Lot DLC

Hello folks

Very much looking forward to this final DLC!

I’ve been hearing some of the information emerging from PAX East and it’s all sounding pretty cool, but I’m just wondering if this DLC is going to develop the relationship between Henry and Theresa a little? Specifically the oft mentioned sudden non-existence of a relationship after their romance is consummated!

I can recall this being something Warhorse wanted to address, but I have not heard anything more recently. Obviously the PR is headlining the big appeals like playable Theresa etc. And that’s great, but I’m even more curious about this basic narrative of character interaction.

I stopped playing KCD over 6 months ago, shortly after the romance episode in fact. I was enjoying it SO much (probably my actual favourite game EVER!) I decided to stop playing until I could experience the game in it’s most complete form for my first proper run through.

So, yeah, has there been any word on this?


Tobi mentioned in one of the streams that there will be some additional content to their relationship, it is surprise for now.

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There is also this video from pax https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o6uqxJD_Ts

Tobi has mentioned a number of ‘surprises’ to me. I expect that there are more (based on previous DLCs)

The game still needs a complete design overhaul. It looks unfinished to me and frustrating in many things. They should not only focus on fixing bugs, rather they should work on general improvements.

Agree here, I’d definitely like polishing game balance when it comes to trade system - there are A LOT of problems in that sphere.

Do you need to start a new game when starting this DLC? Or can you jump in at anytime?

Ok I found this:

Theresa’s story is available as soon as you started the main quest Awakening.
All you have to do is, in the Rattay Mill talk to Theresa. The symbol "on the map will lead you to her.

At the Rattay Mill, Theresa can get You help from a dog who will make a faithful companion, however, accompanied only, after you get the main quest Awakening started.

Fate will put Johanka on a tough sample.
To learn more, you need to have the Side quests Pestilence and In God’s Hands completed — whether successful or not. The Side quest Pestilence you can start from within in the course of the main quest Questions and Answers
The Side quest In God’s Hand you can get from Johanka in the Sasauer Monastery. Search for, these both side quest, Johanka by following the Symbol on the map

Can the dog die? And do you have to feed him?

No, the dog doesn´t die, but if he gets too much hits, he runs away. (later the dog comes back.)
Feeding is optional.


Thanks. I think this is a good solution. It would make the game even more emotional if the dog would take long to come back so that Henry never know whether he come back.

And is there any more info regarding my original question?
Will the DLC introduce more substance to Henry and Theresa’s relationship after consummation?

Not officially… :slight_smile:

Is it IN the DLC, or not? Maybe… :blush:

I am backer how do I get this DLC? its not showing in my game

I think it’s supposed to come to email.

Log in to your account on kingdomcomerpg.com . When you successfully log in, DLC should be automatically added to your steam profile. At least this is what worked for me.

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I´ve played yesterday just for couple of minutes, however I have two questions:

Is it possible to overfed my dog?

Was there animation change in videos when you bury your parents? Or did the butchers/my dog change colours?

– Proper dating with Theresa –

  • You can now continue to date Theresa after “the act” (ahem).
  • Be careful though, Theresa has mind of her own and can even dump you…
  • But if she likes you, she can help you in your endeavors.

(Patchnotes 1.9.0)

@fenrir389 does this very specific part of the patch note refer to the DLC or is it also possible to continue dating Theresa if I don’t own the DLC “A women’s lot”?



dog dies in Skalitz
Also found less reliable to fight the more he runs away (could be misimpression)