A Woman's Lot DLC


Hello folks

Very much looking forward to this final DLC!

I’ve been hearing some of the information emerging from PAX East and it’s all sounding pretty cool, but I’m just wondering if this DLC is going to develop the relationship between Henry and Theresa a little? Specifically the oft mentioned sudden non-existence of a relationship after their romance is consummated!

I can recall this being something Warhorse wanted to address, but I have not heard anything more recently. Obviously the PR is headlining the big appeals like playable Theresa etc. And that’s great, but I’m even more curious about this basic narrative of character interaction.

I stopped playing KCD over 6 months ago, shortly after the romance episode in fact. I was enjoying it SO much (probably my actual favourite game EVER!) I decided to stop playing until I could experience the game in it’s most complete form for my first proper run through.

So, yeah, has there been any word on this?




Tobi mentioned in one of the streams that there will be some additional content to their relationship, it is surprise for now.

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There is also this video from pax https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o6uqxJD_Ts



Tobi has mentioned a number of ‘surprises’ to me. I expect that there are more (based on previous DLCs)



The game still needs a complete design overhaul. It looks unfinished to me and frustrating in many things. They should not only focus on fixing bugs, rather they should work on general improvements.