A Woman's Lot - DLC

I cant play this dlc…it keeps freezing on the opening scene and I cant get past it…help

I have the same problem. After talk Teresa to start DLC quest, nothing happen.
And I can not get a dog as a helper.

Are you on PC? Do you use any MODs?

i couldn’t deal with Johanka. She is certifiably crazy.

It isn’t difficut to get the good ending.

I convinced the guy to stop playing and gave him the money back.
But I kept the dice, slept a last time with the prostitute. I didn’t kill the bad guy (who beats the prostitute) because of a bug that registers it as murdering a civilian.

During the fight after Johanka’s speech, I didn’t use weapons.

I did the pilgrimage exactly as asked. You must wear ONLY the robe, I think. (I even put Bianca’s ring off) Father Godwin gave me then a book. Successfully doing the pilgrimage is an important (and necessary ?) part. It’s also interesting because Henry has a specific speech for each shrine. It’s also the only part in the game where you can “pray” at those shrines, not only “read” the inscription. The game registers when you have prayed at all the shrines/waypoints.

How do you convinced him to stop playing? I’m able to get two wins over him, but then whole quest fails with no apparent reason…

The trick is … let him win first (two times) … then win all his money (back). :slight_smile:
Or you make him really drunk… he can’t remember anything. Get his money and tell him next day he lost everything at playing dice…

Thanks. Well, to get him drunk… I would probably get myself drunk sooner… I tried more variants, I even lost first or second game to him - so now I’ll try to lose both now… :slight_smile: