A Woman's Lot - DLC


In “A Woman’s Lot”, you play as Theresa accompanied by her loyal dog Tinker in a standalone questline. You will experience ordinary life in Skalitz and later witness the fateful events of Sigismund’s raid and its aftermath from a wholly different perspective. “A Woman’s Lot” provides the last piece of the puzzle in the Skalitz story, as you find out what happened just before Henry is found unconscious.

In “The Madonna of Sasau”, Henry has to help Johanka, and old friend from Skalitz who survived the massacre and took refuge in Sasau Monastery, to overcome the terrifying nightmares that have recently plagued her. Henry will need to visit the places revealed in Johanka’s visions and find out what’s really behind them. Then he will help her with her new calling. Neither Henry nor Johanka knows what that will demand of them or what end it will ultimately lead to…



Thank you for the nod to backers with this DLC, it is much appreciated.


Are there any good wallpapers as there were for the band of bastards DLC?

Original stretch goals from Kickstarter have been fulfilled. I wouldn’t mind seeing sequel on Kickstarter again but I am not sure if it is realistic scenario for WHS now under THQ Nordic.


I was actually against this idea, But after hearing we can also play as Henry in it and switch back and forth with a Dog…Sounds awesome

Thankyou for this Warhorse! Was a nice surprise in my email :slight_smile:

Thats a good idea, I will take care :slight_smile:

Under my humble opinion and as the advice of someone who has been in the gaming world for some time, I think that the house has been started on the roof. And I do not blame the study because the stupid criticisms of all already known, besides incomprehensible, in a way were unexpected. Ok … Why do I say this? I am a person who when he starts a story in an RPG takes it seriously, maybe too much, and tries to get the essence of the story. In KCD I have been faced with two problems

1.- Lack of information in the tutorials, which leads to not mastering the game (much less combat) until well into history

2.- This brings us to problem number two. When you already know how to play and control the game more or less and you are able to enjoy in all aspects, interaction with the characters, story thread, combat, skills, economy, etcetc … it is too late, why? Because you already know more than half of the plot and when you start over again and knowing everything, destroy the gaming experience.

As I said, according to my opinion and as a masterful blow to shut stupid mouths. The best option would have been to take out this DLC the first one along with the main game. In this way, Playing first with a female player (andFCKYOU System) in addition to knowing the history of our people and the characters, it would have been used as an advanced tutorial, in which the player would have been instructed in the mechanics of the game. In this way, at the beginning of the campaign, we do it with a base on the history and mechanics of the game to be able to enjoy from the minute one of the complete plot without stupid mistakes for not knowing how the game still works (they put me at dungeon for not carrying a torch when climbing the first time to Rataj and night or find Captain Bernard without knowing exactly what to do or where to go, and to follow the icon of mission, get into his chambers of the castle without having any idea that was forbidden area and think there would be no problem for being still day) In nonsense … but that destroy the immersion in the story for not really know how to adapt and guide your character in the mechanics of the game. This would have been achieved with a story of some tens of hours with Theresa, since being a secondary character, would be perfect to learn to play before starting the life of Herny.

I’m sorry if I’ve extended, but I think it’s an important point to communicate to developers for future releases. I’m more than fed up with starting a game and not knowing how it works, committing stupid mistakes that destroy the gaming experience, tutorials in many cases insufficient and when you already manage the game, you’ve played more than half and you know the whole story .

In summary, I think that this DLC should have been launched along with the game as a semi-obligatory tutorial, this would have introduced us in the history and management to start playing with all the guarantees of having a good gaming experience. And then, complement it with the other DLC to make the story more complete

I will play this DCL and my congratulations to WH for the work done. In general lines an authentic masterpiece.

Thank yout for the free Woman’s Lot dlc! You are awesome :smile: I hope, the story will be continue soon :wink:

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I just added the Wallpapers as requested :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks, Christian!

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So I bought the game on ps4 right when it came out. Had to stop playing for months until the game was even remotely playable. Now this dlc, that was supposed to be released in May is Now on June 11. I’m fine with that, because im tired of the buggy garbage you’ve been producing. But I stayed up until 3 am last night to download, and no release. Now I’m leaving to work, and still nothing. Idk if this buggy sewage heap is better for PC, but I would highly advise against it on ps4. Which sucks, because if it wasnt for crap developing this game would be one of my all time favorites.

One of the best DLC. Suits of quests and more interesting, a level of difficulty present even very hard at times.

What made you think so?

In general, I would highly advise against PS4 itself.

I am not really sure how ‘the Madonna of Sasau’ was supposed to end, but for me it ended when Johanka decided that I needed to put on a penitent robe and walk all the way across the map to make up for my ‘sins’ of all of the bandits I had killed. That isn’t happening. Quest over. B’itch is crazy and I hope someone burns her.

I am off to kill more bandits and cut off their ears.

DON´T do it… :slight_smile: (if you don´t want!)
Wait a week or longer and visit her again…

Never! :wink:

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Thank you. I was really hoping it would be on a timer.

In regard to the ‘maiden of sassau’

I got around to finishing the quest. I got the ‘medium’ ending. I have found some guides online that describe what you need to do to get the ‘good’ ending. It turns out that I did EVERYTHING exactly correct, with the single exception that I didn’t walk barefoot, wearing the robe and pray at all the shrines. I just rode there and prayed to continue the quest.

I passed every speech check, I got everyone to testify in her favor, I got her to repent, I was able to make all of her accusers look bad.

To me the whole quest was just annoying BS. The big payoff is that Johanka gets punished because of a choice that I made and has nothing to do with her. If the the goal of WH was to make the catholic church look like jerks, then I guess they succeeded, unfortunately they also made their own writers look like jerks in the process.

Come on! That´s lame! :wink:

Only a Bad ending is a … cool ending! I love the Bad one!
The good one is only for archivements… :blush:

I don´t think you tried everthing… :slight_smile:
Do you have the Cleric´s Pet archivement?