A Woman's Lot - killing Cumans (spoiler)

Curious, how many peeps tried to kill the full lot of Cumans at Theresa’s home? And, how did you do it?

I did it a couple times. The first time I stealth killed the Cuman looting her home. then, I climbed the ladder and hid. One of the Cumans came up and shot him in the head as he approached. Others followed. Shot them as they ascended the ladder. The second time, I straight away hid. The Cumans didn’t come (or I became impatient) so I popped up and started shooting. The Cuman boss (with mask) first. Then, first come, first serve.

It was tough. Very well might’ve been the toughest combat situation for me in the whole game as Adam’s bow doesn’t have the greatest power. (for context, spent probably over 1000h hunting bandits/Cumans)

On first dlc playthrough i got the same experience but there also some glitch occured - touthest cuman instead of climbing the ladder after the first arrowtothehead hit, started to run into the wall (where i could not reach him from the top), but in a couple of minutes he stopped and returned to center of the room like nothing happened :slight_smile: This situation looped for 3-4 times till i finaly managed to shot him down. As for the other cumans in the house - not realy a tough fight cause i only repeated drawandrelease sequence while they were climbing.

Killing the random cumans on the way to the mines was a lot toughter, cause of low skill and bow stats - dog helped a lot though.

I had 3 climbing the ladder in quick succession. Theresa (I) couldn’t draw fast enough to shoot all

some times i found the Cuman loitered (boss staring at wall, others pausing, etc). other times they swarmed

You heaven’t used a shooting range on the first day? Winning 10-12 contests gave some boost to the skill, so i was drawing the bow quick enough to shoot them before they could climb.

shooting range with Theresa?

yeah, there was one - somewhere near the marked spot

is that by where the guy is lost and looking for the woman?

First time, I went through window but was surprised by one Cuman coming from behind the corner. I had axe and sent sic! on him, so I beat him somehow. Then another came and I ventured towards mines failing to find her brother for a long time, died few times trying to get into those mines. Then I looked up where is the last mine, I went there easily, stealthily.

Second time, I did same through window but no kills, I knew where to go, so I sneaked under the bridge of the mill area and to the mine.

yeah not far from that place by the bridge, but only on first day. When Sigizmund invades there’s obviously no such thing as side entertainment :slight_smile: