A Woman's Lot progress

Today’s interview with Ondřej Bittner in Vortex revealed that they have been working on their 4th (last) DLC since summer and is about 70% complete and developers are trying to close it. There will be more than just Theresa’s story and one new big feature, similar as in From the Ashes DLC.

More reason for me to be hyped.


Yea, seen this in the new patch. If you go to DLCS you will see it there!

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Not sure if that makes me feel better or worse. Still a ‘lil salty over no bathing-mending services in Pribyslavitz


He mentioned comparison to building.

Really hope WH finishes strong.

Play on console so mods are a non starter.

Spent decent coin on game and all DLC. Spent +1000h just in game. Hundreds or more here in WH forums. Need something new, variable and repeatable out of last DLC or the sunset of my active participation will come before long.

Looks like April is a time for testování nejnovějšího DLC :shushing_face: