Abandoned area on the map with a ton of opportunity for herbalism skillups

I found an area on the map which has several abandoned buildings, a shrine, and a massive field full of herbs, from which I got 7 herbalism level-ups (from 5 to 12), and still going. This place is heaven! You will become encumbered with so many herbs here, be sure to bring your horse. The village itself, if it is big enough to be called that, has 2 structures which are completely empty, and 2 villagers that live there. So basically, not very interesting.

Map location:

Village from outside:

The empty rooms:

The barn (nothing of interest here):

Go southwest from one of the buildings along this path and you will find this field chock full of herbs:

Go northwest from there and you will find a shrine:

Keep heading NW from there and you will find this field:

I play KCD at 2048x1536, unfortunately I had to use JPG instead of PNG (the latter is higher quality but much bigger file size, forum wouldnt allow to upload anything over 4MB).

Can someone say how long it takes for the herb plants to grow again once you have cleared an area? I’m guessing a few days. Growing back overnight would be unrealistic, since plants don’t generally grow that fast IRL. I’m going to sleep 12 hours and find out. Or maybe they will regen if i fast travel out of the area and come back a short time later.

When I pick all the plants in skalitz before leaving to talmberg during the prologue(will get you to 16 to 17 herbalism depending on the negitive perks chosen during hardcore mode) they all have grown back when I go back to bury mom and dad. Other than that particular instance I have not tested to see how fast they grow back.

What I see could be something that happens because of the cut scenes that happen during the quests after leaving skalitz for the first time.

@Redfox888: Yeah, I know you can almost max out a handful of skills before leaving Skalitz. I did that on my first playthrough (which I never finished, but completed most of the story).But this leaves you overpowered, I found combat to be too easy. So i dont recommend doing it. The game devs clearly did not intend for the intro to be played this way, I’m surprised that they never patched it (actually they did, but not enough). So i started over and completed the intro normally without powerleveling (as i call it), combat and other skills feel level-appropriate now.

I’m now once again about halfway finished with the main story, and all of my skills are at 20. I treat KCD like it’s GTA, lots of dicking around outside main missions. And I am a sneaking, thieving, murderous bastard, so i spend lots of time avoiding guards and staying away from towns. I’ve amassed over 1.2 million groshen, by robbing or stealing from pretty much everyone. The only downside of this approach to gameplay is that I’m having a hard time spending it all, due to cleaning out the merchant shops and being wanted everywhere. And because of being wanted, I have to approach quest givers carefully, always watching my surroundings. I do try not to kill guards while in towns, so as to not make my situation worse, but I wont hesitate if they corner me. I find that night is the best time to enter.

I do want to try hardcore mode, but i want to finish the story once before i do that.

Yah on normal you do level to fast so just picking all the herbs with the leg day perk gives a huge boost in strength. Picking the plants and not picking that perk will solve that and give you all that money and those alchemy ingredients. Very useful if you don’t pick the locks to rob the town and talmberg castle. I don’t agree that this should be patched out because it is a viable alternative to only other 3 options. Which are violence( beating up kunesh either by yourself or with your friends) thievery ( getting lockpick and stealing stuff from kunesh or knocking out villagers and stealing money) or whining to dad that you got your butt kicked so he gives you money to complete your objectives.

If you do try hardcore go for all 9 negitive perks at the beginning or you will run into the same problems. The only one that really is pain to deal with is the sleep walking one. I have went to sleep in talmberg and woke up in skalitz on top of a garbage heap. Which was in the opposite direction I was planning on going when I woke up.

I was referancing picking all the herbs to give some idea of how long it takes for them grow back. For a hardcore play through I would consider going ahead and clearing skalitz of plants because the numbskull greatly counters the leg day perk and you are going to want every boost you can get. They change they way enemies attack in hardcore mode and they can hit without being locked on to you and are far more accurate with their bows.

Did you find out how long it takes for plants to grow back outside of the prologue?

about 7 days