Abandoned settlement in woods somewhere near Skalitz ( maybe south of it, idk)


So today I went looking for some bandit camps somewhere in the Skalitz-Talmberg area.
Might’ve also been near Sasau, not sure, because I’m playing on hardcore mode.
While i was looking for some bandit camps, I found the area where the Band of Bastards quest “A Tight Spot” was, there were about 6 bandits, standing there and doing nothing.
I decided to kill them and take all their stuff, and headed off further into the forest at the opposite side of the river.
I kept riding for about 2 - 5 minutes and then i found some weird ruins, and I thought I somehow managed to ride to Pribyslavitz, but as i got closer, I noticed some kind of gatehouse like the one in Pribyslavitz where the cuman camp was.
I stopped riding and started walking, and then i walked through it, and kept looking for the church Pribyslavitz has, but it wasn’t there.
This is where it starts getting kind of weird.
I don’t know if anyone ever found this place, but the game has been out for over a year by now, so who knows?
So I started exploring the little houses that were there, and I found some kind of cellar with broken jugs, dirty clothes, and blood in it.
I made a ton of screenshots, and kept exploring this place.
Then i found some kind of hatch, and at the top of it was the arm of a skeleton, and under it an oversized skeleton.
Seen it in multiple graves by now so that wasn’t too unusual.
Still wondering if anyone found this place before.
I didn’t find any loot.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Isw8g1O


It’s a part of the Capon DLC.


Wow, that’s kind of disappointing then.
I actually watched an entire playthrough of that DLC but I didn’t recognize the place at all for some reason.
I never saw anyone go into the cellar though.