About hardcore mode

is it fun? i never finished the game, but i’m very curious if this mode is fun, more challenging…
i’m curious so i can see if i start a new game to have the most fun

can’t speak for others but for me might be too early to say. picked the least severe debuffs: claustrophobia and tapeworm. i prefer not wearing a visor so former doesn’t bother me, and the penalty for being hungry never seemed to jeopardize Henry’s life

in any event, so far it’s fun because a number of exploits appear to have been addressed

how is combat? is it hard to explore following the sun?

I started to play the game with mods that completely remove the compass and player location marker in the map. It’s very doable and more fun in my opinion, as when you’re walking in a big city which you usually travel by metro and realised how some areas are connected to each other. Once you made the connection, it’s easier to remember and there’s an actual enjoyment when making the link :smiley:

It’s like nowadays using GPS for anything in a car, even when it’s not needed, so you get lazier and at some point more retarded (less orientation skills developed). However, if you started that way without the additional orientation help, it kind of feels natural and it’s not difficult to remember the same track after doing a round trip. Give it a try, it’s a great experience and you’ll enjoy more exploration.


havenlt left Skalitz … but during Run I’m going to test it out. want to see if the Cuman invaders can be killed in hardcore mode

if only predators roamed the forests, not only would it be more ‘natural’ it’d boost sensory awareness and the fear factor. by predators i mean human (murderous bandits, etc) and non-human (wolves and brown bears)


Absolutely! Warhorse really needs to make dynamic encounters anywhere or almost anywhere so you’re surprised and scared at the same time.

in FO4, modders added roaming enemy NPCs. this includes PS4 mods which can have no custom scripting/assets. not sure what the barrier is with KCD.

Imagine your body’s reaction if during the trip to Skalitz to bury your parents you hear some mercs/bandits roaming around and pillaging bodies on Rovna (St James?) church grounds. Then, you get by them and you hear Cuman screaming at each other in the distance. They get on their horses and ride by but not in a preset path (so you can’t ‘cheat’ it by replaying; one time they follow the path, another time they cut across the field, etc).

that walk is etched in my memory. adding the element above to an already great memory would make it legendary

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I heard they laughed at the idea of permadeath so yeah can’t be bothered entertaining it. I enjoyed 1200hrs of normal mode but not going to return for hardcore mode.

no wonder, permadeath is one of the most stupid idead for kingdom come or any game of the kind.
imagine you dying because of some bug or you just fall from some height.
losing your game because of some stupid bug or mechanic. no thanks.
the game must be hard, but fun. only a complete moron would add permadeath in a RPG like KCD, skyrim, witcher and etc.
and if you die, you can delete your save.
but i want to test hardcore and see if it’s more fun.

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I spent 12 hours playing hardcore mode today. Hard to believe so long… I chose all debuffs.

6 hours I was kind of stuck in Skalitz because I did my usual, stealing and knocking people, but this time NPCs bullied me and I was so weak, I immediately started bleeding and I can not run far or long cause stamina is decreased. I am also not so sneaky as before, so I could only knock out friendlies so far.

Every time I wake up, I have debuff from nightmare so I regret sleeping before I need to do something or go somewhere cause my stats are bad. So for one hour I just look around for loot.

I could eat from pots once and that was it, then I looked for food elsewhere. And I really need to watch my nourishment, Henry eats for two. I advice you to get horse as soon as possible for extra food storage.

Sleep and save in other beds is possible.

Even lockpicking is of same difficulty to me, I just need to get right angle and just rotate, I can not stop.

Surprisingly archery is not so bad, I instantly release arrow but since I know how to do it, I hit birds nests on first try and I hit four times in row even at archery range, so shaking hands are no so bad debuff after all.

I finished game almost completely, in my 1st play I just need to pick up treasures from maps, so I know my way around the world, no big deal so far. Map is detailed, if you are good treasure hunter, it is pretty much the same thing.

Oh and autosaves disabled got me unprepared. I was trying out some other stuff, and eventually I got killed, more times than I liked. Run to Talmberg is not so easy anymore. But after that I pretty much got back to my usual shoes.

I had huge trouble beating up two bandits in front of Skalitz with bare hands. Since I managed to beat up Vanyek with bare hands. Stamina decreases less without weapon and opponents are not so aggressive. The real trouble was to get close to them, fists do not have reach.

You can not set indicator on map where you want to go, so you need to really look at the roads and interesting sites - check points.

Patch 1.6 brought more graphics problems and my heads are still missing.

I agree. Game is running worse for me too. I only chose 3 to start with but I must say the tapeworm one makes food really important as it should be. I chose aescetic as one of the perks but now i kind of regret it as it made my food intake a lot more reliable. Combat is still not as hard as it should be. Granted I wasn’t able to kill the first Cuman one on one but that should hardly be the threshold. I punched Kunesh to the ground (by mistake. I thought that pansy could take more of a beating. I was just trying to level some stats and still lose so I can get free lockpick from Fritz). And everyone else for that matter. Lack of direction on the map is good but we should not have access to the clock. It makes navigation far too easy. Well I also know the map by hear at This point so that might be a moot. I honestly regret not having this option when I played The game first.

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I am enjoying it so far, except for the scripted fails that are now very hard to avoid.

I am at the point where I am hunting with Hans for rabbits and boar. I was really enjoying the navigating through the woods by the sun. Then I get to the point where Hans runs off after the boar and I have to find him. I start off in the direction of the map marker only to have the game tell me 'you abandoned your lord and you will hang." game over!

Now I have to repeat the entire day of hunting. I do enjoy hunting, but not so much when my hunting skill is still very low.

In summary, it would be nice if WH could be a bit more forgiving on the hard fails when you have no idea which way you are going.

I lost against Kunesh in vanilla and won in hardcore. It happens when I can beat fully armored Cuman without harm which takes longer, but get kicked by low level bandit sometimes. It’s just the occasion that made the chances different.
In general, I can’t tell how harder is real combat against tough Cumans in hardcore.
Many people claim beating Runt is hard, I spent ten seconds with him and two hits put him down. Cutscene took longer than fight with him.

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It was more difficult for me to KO Skalitz guards in hardcore :grimacing:. Now at stealth 5, it’s easier. But, I think part of that is me learning better positioning. Btw, notice KCD considers taking loot from a KO victim to be looting a corpse :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know what you meant by last sentence. I tried KO guards in Skalitz in hardcore, failed, but even in vanilla with low level is like impossible, they are also stronger, so pushing them away in combat is harder. Strength is probably related to KO.

Check your stats. A corpse is a dead body. When you steal from but don’t kill the guards, the game considers that act as looting from a corpse

The trick with hardcore Skalitz guards is to make sure their head is pointed directly away from you. If they have a peripheral view of you, it fails. The one I go for firstly is the one near Kunesh’s house. That’s a tricky one though. But, that long Skalitz waffenrock (not available for purchase later in game… @WH_janrucker pls rectify this by adding both long Skalitz waffenrocks to all tailor inventories so i don’t have to be such a thieving bastard ) is too tempting.

The one at the gate down the hill is easier if you time the KO attempt for when he walks from one place to another… he leaves his back wide open (and he possesses page’s sword and mail chausses which are pretty valuable so early in the game)

I’ll try on my possible third game. I got past Talmberg, I’m happy I don’t have to redo Run quest.

In normal game I also beat runt in a blow or two. I remember preparing myself for the fight after reading how hard it was and was thoroughly disappointed when I hit him once with a blow to the head and he was dead. It was so anticlimactic…