About riddle of the ring of Bacchus from the Stone at BoB


I’m not native english speaker and totally can’t understand what the answer of the riddle and WHY.
Could someone explain it for me?
Is that from bible or something?

Truly no one is outstanding without me, nor fortunate; 
I embrace all those whose hearts ask for me. 
He who goes without me goes about in the company of death; 
and he who bears me will remain lucky for ever. 
But I stand lower than earth and higher than heaven.


Me: Lower than "E"arth, higher than "H"eaven? Oh it must be "F"idelity!
The Stone: Eh eh.


Where’s this riddle? I thought I finished that activity with ring.


When The Stone steal your ring, he leave the letter instead.
And you need to answer it to take the ring back.


I need to replay dlc now. Wisdom?


It wasn’t Wisdom nor Love. And He didn’t give me fourth chance lol.

The Answer was Humility. (Save and Load)
But still not understanding why.
I just need the explanation to good sleep.