Accepting Backers for Next Chapter(s)/Game(s)

Hi All. I missed the opportunity to back KC:D, but am very willing to kick in to the next game or chapter of this game. Anyone know if we’ll have this opportunity?

Hello WH…

Does Warhorse not need my money for Act III? I wanna be a Baron, damn it.

probably not, but when i seen the way they set up the dlcs, it sorta made me think they did since the 1st 4 or 5 dlcs are all ones we need to pay for.

I don’t mind paying for DLC (just so long as there’s more to it than several beards and haircuts). Don’t mind paying $60 or more for full on battle/build expansion/DLC. Wouldn’t be averse to throwing out backer seed money to expedite the next chapter or a new game

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Id be happy to see them release a season pass option for this on consoles (specifically ps4). It would be a day 1 purchase for me without a doubt.
Ill also back future projects, if needed. This game is amazing

I’ll pay up front for the next game. DLC’s are already on my list.