Accidentall god mode

My Xbox one x game decided to glitch out and give me infinite energy health and nourishment. Even when i get hit by An enemy my stats dont change i need this fixed the couse it brakes the core mechanics of my game experience. Pls help
Note that this happend after i started to wait with Matthew for the qaurry money in the Quest “between a rock and a hard place” i have got to far in the game after that game to reset All the way back before that Quest

Sounds like it’d be fun if it wasn’t permanent. Totally ruins the immersion though, Eh? Dx

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Anybody know if this bug reversable beside reload before the Quest? Or if theres a patch coming soon?

it seems that its this quest that can trigger it, here’s the same case

Late reply, but having the same glitch as of today. A Rock and a Hard place must not have had anything to do with it, as I’ve not started it yet.

I am not able to take damage from falling or from combat. Only way I can damage my character is by drinking poisons.

Also to be noted that it seems that the glitch extends to older saves where I yet had not encountered this bug.

Ruins the game completely, weird how no one has yet had a fix for this.