Nourishment, Energy and Health Bug

Shortly after i finished the side quest, A Rock and a Hard place, i noticed that i had overeaten. But after some time, the nourishment stat wont go down. Energy will neither decrease, even if i wait, or if i keep on playing.
Also i noticed that in combat my health still stays at 100, even if im taking damage. The only thing that’s working as normal is the stamina.
Takes away some of the mechanics in the game. Anyone know how to fix this? Help.

I got the exact same problem with the same quesst

If you wait with Mattihas and Fritz, you become immortal. I tried to reload a former save, but then i did not wait with them. I continued the quest and now im not immortal.
Seems like theres something wrong with choosing the option to wait with them. :slight_smile:

Anyone found a fix for this yet other than reloading? I just found out it’s happened to me.

I have a similar issue. It’s very frustrating. I don’t know how long it’s been like this, but the thought of reloading to a time 80 hours back or so is just sad… At any rate, my health cannot fall below 1. I can lose health and fight and it all seems normal, except that I cannot die because health cannot fall below 1.

I had a smiliar issue.
This link is for a mod that lets you basically cheat in game, just follow the instructions on how to download it and use this command “cheat_remove_all_buffs” this mod also gives you infinite saves so save once just in case before you type in the command. Hope it works out :smiley:
P.S make sure you remove stuff on you that gives you buffs such as spurs etc.

Alright but is there also a sollution for XBox one x?

Get on pc :smiley:
sorry i dont know the solution exept for a new patch on console. I am really sad about this game having so many bugs when released they should focus their time on realeasing updates new quests etc not fixing these kind of bugs.
P.S I dont know if this might fix Oles problem until further notice

Whens the next patch? Couse i couldnt find the info about it😅

Dont waiit for it all I can tell you, according to some of the devs posts I read somewhere, it takes forever for them to release a new patch.