Accolades Teaser


Teaser is updated.


Just 1 month and 3 Days… :smiley:


Even there on YT people are crying in comment section, ha-ha. :sweat_smile:


At around 0:44 the music sounds it came from witcher!? oO
Hope this track is only for that teaser :sunny:


Yes, the teaser is made by Deep Silver. This music was also chosen by them.


Hype! Almost 1 month left!


Will we get some more videos or trailers from warhorse till release?


Yeah those cut-scenes look old. I mean, meanwhile the character models look better in-game than in-cut-scenes (with the implementation of scabbards). Are the cut-scenes fixed or they being fixed?


Yes, a lot of stuff was fixed, or at least made better.


Kingdom Come Deliverance Limited Collector’s Edition