Account Creation Issue


I am not a kick starter backer first off.
I could not find a discussion close enough to this issue. I am able to log into the forum, since two separate accounts are needed for forum and game purchasing, I assume.
When I attempt to create an account on the main page of “Get the Game”, It gives me “Invalid Request Parameters”. Thinking it was my browser, I attempted on Firefox, IE11 to no prevail.
I would love to make an account to play the beta and show my support. Any assistance in this will be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum @Truth.
@DrFusselpulli should help you.


I need to pass this request to @WH_JiriRydl, he need to take a look at this special issue.
But welcome to the forum @Truth


Is there at some username that worked? What email you tried to use for registration, please?


@Truth please write the Email in PM, there is no reason to show it here in public.


Pm’d @WH_JiriRydl
Thank you for the quick response!


Issue resolved! This thread can be closed now. :smiley: