Account creation problems


I tried to create account on but this message appeared:

Invalid request parameters.

Not sure if im not able to create account yet, or something is broken. I pledged on kickstarter


Hello @nfp007 and Welcome to the Forum,

Our Community Manager will take a look at your Problem… @DrFusselpulli


Thanks Earl,

can I expect his input this year? :slight_smile:


Of course. I will give him a little push…


You can expect my input within the next half our. :smiley:

Can you pm me about more details please?


Cool :slight_smile:
I’m having trouble registering. I filled up everything and it is all green. But it writes:
Invalid request parameters.


Hi there did this get sorted - same problem for me :slight_smile:


Yes. It got resolved. best for you would be probably to start a new thread


Not needed…
Hello @Robos

Please contact @DrFusselpulli via PM for a solution…


Do you have a profile on Can you please PM me about the details?