Act 3 - DLC or entirely new game?

so will the expansion follow henry or a brand new protagonist?

I think it will be Henry again, they want to make a “brand” that KCD protagonist is Henry, same as Geralt in Witcher series.

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If I understand what there typt on kickstarter will act 3 be a update. This is what there did say on there kickstarter page.
don’t understand the concept of Acts. What is Act I, II and III? Why there is not cheaper tier offering all three Acts?
Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Act I, as it is planned, is a full scale, stand-alone game. It has 30+ hours of gameplay, complete open world map, all quests and closed story line. Most (if not all) game mechanics described above will be included: horse riding, combat, castle sieges, there will be at least one large-scale battle. Acts II & III extend the story, add new environment in separate maps, new quests, gear and weapons. They will also add new quests to the map of Act I. It will be possible to travel between maps of all Acts, some quests will require you to visit all of them.

We definitely intend to make Acts II & III and release them as soon as possible. However, our funding and schedule does not reach past first Act. We will finalize our plans for the release of Acts II & III when we get closer to the release date of Act I. For these reasons we don’t want to offer and promise them as a Kickstarter reward in their own right. We want to use them as a token of our gratitude to higher tiers backers, but you should think about it more like 100% discount offer than a guaranteed reward.
So it could be a big update or I cloud be a new game. Nobody knows it only the dev now it and there not going to tell you it.

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Why are you using Kickstarter page as source. It was relevant 4 years ago.

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Beacus there is almost no info about it and so far the most stuff what there did was on kickstarter. And that why I think it will be a update. Nobody knows it yet.

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You don’t search well. Act 3 will be standalone game. Acts were cancelled, while would be act 1 and 2 are considered KCD.

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Can you give me the link about that where you got that info and if it is confirmed from the dev team self. Beacus all what I can find about it is this. Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with a closed story. The next game will be ‘Kingdom Come 2’ (not official name) and will offer a new story, map and more. And I have this from

Warhorse didn’t confirmed in which form will ACT 3 come yet, but personally I believe it will be a DLC, because we have unfinished quests and that’s something what is not left in game.
I asked on Twitter “Is KC:D game of two acts and only first act is released at the moment and act 2 will come later as part of this game as update or dlc / or not? And act 3 will come as a sequel? …”


I believe the game will have a sequel, but that doesn’t mean it will be the missing act 3 as the game has a potential for multiple sequels and that era of Hussits wars is rich on events which can be used.


When you search in google, there is option to find posts one year old. This is from December 01, 2016. Again old info.

Vavra said they don’t plan DLC big like Blood and Wine from Witcher, but stuff that was promised on Kickstarter.

I didnt say it was new news I only say that I give if there making a kingdom 2 it will be a total other story maby somting with sesar. Bud what smix says that what I main to. There did say some qeust where half fished like that one with the windmill girl. So that there will put the act in this game and not in a new game. will be more then norm. Beacus if there do make a hole new game for act 3 the sale will drop. Beacus people complain about it others read it and that will take the sales down a little bit. And there did say on kick start you can tp from one map to the other so it will be make much change that there will put this in a update or somting. And same as the main end qeust if you play the game until the end those 2 object will still be there.

@savvym I didn’t said it will be huge as Blood and wine, it was the biggest DLC in gaming history, so yes, it will be smaller. I believe it will be another map with castle, but smaller then actual game, then the story comes back and finishes the story. My estimate, about 20 hours of gameplay max.

@deadeagle Well, yes, they cut the Theresa part very early, but I believe she is the missing woman playable character as Vávra said he has a long term plans with her. It doesn’t make sense she is not speaking with Henry any more after that short quest line …

She was introduced very early in game

in Skalitz already, then during the escape, then she saves Henry …

Act 3 was planned to be bigger than Act 1 or Act 2. No way, it is going to be just DLC.

I just finished the game and yes i want to play more… i’d like to see in the next chapter where we rescue Wenceslas and go to war with sigismund and allies…would like to see the castle skalitz rebuilt - or as a mission to rebuild it. would like to have playable female character also and since this is a game for general enjoyment using historical characters, we don’t need to go historical accurate any longer.

They’re currently designing plan for female protagonist and main goal of KCD is to rescue Wenceslaus, so it’s pretty sure the next chapter will be about spoiler - rescuing Wenceslaus with help of his brother’s huge army while failing so because you will have to give away some estates and properties of king as ransom for freedom instead - spoiler.

Maby there make the last 3 acts for this game and then make a new game where you did in this game rescuit king wenceslaus bud and got you sword back and Henry become a Lord. That in the next game everything falls apart beacus king wenceslaus and he uncle are not that good as you think there are.

Really looking forward to the next chapter… but would like to play with same character though… want to see Henry’s story completed “until he grows old”…

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Henry is fictional. He can stay 25 even till WWII.

Hahaha! :slight_smile: true… but you know for story sake…