Act 3 - DLC or entirely new game?

So I am 50% excited for the next game, 50% bummed out that it ended like that, it just made me want to play more!

  1. Will Act 3 be DLC or will it be an entirely new game? (Any ETA on its release?)
  2. How long would they need to take to develop and release it?

Best bet is that it’s an entirely new game or a huge DLC imo they have it already planned out & started to work on it even a few months prior to act I II release, probably 9 months/1.5 years, now they got funds and a big company.

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Thanks for such a quick reply! I hope they made good progress and release it in the next 2 years or so(although if they need time to iron out the bugs and make ACT 3 better, that is fine). I really enjoyed KCD :slight_smile:

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If they do what they advertised in the trailers, act 3 should have 1 major battle and 2 major sieges to the very least, hence why I doubt it will be a dlc, probably standalone game because the dlc might be as long or a tad longer than the game itself.

Good point. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I also heard it is the largest of all the 3 Acts, so I agree with you saying it will probably be a standalone game. Anticipating it eagerly!

Vávra said there won’t be big DLC like Blood and Wine. Act 3 will be a new game.


Alright, cool. Thanks for the confirmation savvym.

There will be DLCs nonetheless though.

Why are you talking about the 3 act, and what was act 2? The game is very liked, it is a pity that only the graphics are cut compared to the beta version

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KC:D was act I and II.

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if we look at how history plays out we can see that the bohemian nobles dont fight a war with sigismund until 1419 in the Hussite Wars so i dont think dlc will have a 16 year time jump. The villian of the next game or dlc will have to be Markvart von Aulitz.


Spoilers comming even from history lessons, people dont have mercy these days anymore :c

man you need to stay away from these threads than because there is gonna be some big surprises for you.

A 16 years jump isn’t that much, Henry is very much young still.

I just readed the entire history of bohemia, the game wont be the same anymore…

16 years is enoguh to get married and have a kid of your own though.

Anything is possible, yes… but that wouldn’t make the story any less interesting, it would make it more interesting, if anything… to cheat on your wife…

I wish it would be a huge DLC with major improvements to the system/engine, like how their fellow Czech developers did with Arma2 Operation Arrowhead or Arma3 Apex. I think developing an entirely new game would take too long and require a lot of repetitive effort, why not devote these efforts to improve current system more?

I will buy it even it’s new game.But please now focusing on fixing bugs here and there.

I am sure they could do a minor DLC with more quests, shift time 6 months and rebuild the starting town somewhat and use some of the untapped parts of the map and add another 10 to 15 hours of gameplay and additional recurring side-quests for the different lords in policing their area etc.