Activate Womans Lot through Steam


can someone please explain to me, how I can activate or download the new Womans Lot DLC from Steam as a backer?
In my profile it says that the DLC was put to your Steam Profile, but I can’t find it anywhere.
Where do I have to look on Steam?

Please goto : and sign in.
you should see it in your profile:

If not please contact the support:

Edit: Sometimes you Need to relogin on steam !!!

I too had this problem. Turns out I had to re-link my steam account in KCD profile.

Hi Dead_Cold,

can you kindly explain to me how you relink the Kcd profile to Steam?
I have the same issue about A woman’s lot dlc.
Thank you

Hi Robb78

I had gone to my backer rewards page as illustrated in the post prior to mine and I had a green button

in place of where the blue box is. I just clicked it and it linked my account.
I will let you know I had been on the page a couple times prior and never saw the green button, it showed up on my last visit to that page. Not sure why or how my profile unlinked in the first place. Not much of a explanation but hopefully it helps you somewhat.

Hi Dead_Cold,

thank you very much for your informations.
I still have the blue box and no signs of the green button.
I will keep logging in hoping to find the green button, in the meantime I also sent a ticket to support.

Hi all,

I eventually found the Warhorse email for the dlc in the spam folder, and through it I was able to activate the dlc itself in the Steam profile.
Thank you for your help, bye