Acts and difficulty



I have two questions

  1. How many difficulty levels will be possible to set up in KCD by player? Are you going to add any hardcore mode for us?
  2. How any acts will be released?


  1. one difficulty level, if it’s too hard just level up on side quests, the game is HC already, they will see about New Game+ mode
  2. There are no Acts any more, one full game comes out on February2018. It will be supported for some time (patches, free DLCs, modding tools, payed DLCs…) And hopefully they will get to work on a sequel.


And DLCs will be probably free for backers :slight_smile:


no Modding tools or very limited like value tweaking and such, dont forget that its not their developed engine.
AFAIK Cryengine nearly non moddable without their tools.


It was mentioned that enemies will be stronger as you level up, but not confirmed. Deliverance will consist of planned Act I and part of Act II, while Act III would be standalone game that would be the biggest of Acts. Yeah, and it seems all DLCs are included in price for backers as they are also getting access to beta and pre-order armor set (DLC).


As far as I know, there have been no level scaling planned. The whole concept of acts was scrapped. They said they want to support modding community somehow. Details were not announced yet though.


Not what I recall… It was that if an enemy is too tough, then you can practice and/or level up sword skills/obtain better equipment and retry with increased timing windows etc from the increases to Henry’s stats. This would be individual encounters becoming easier/possible with increased levelling (especially when this comes from training the appropriate skillsets).

All is relatively subtle, and even the hardest enemy can be taken with basic equipment and low stats if the player skill is high - although the risk and likelihood of failure increases dramatically when you are inadequately prepared.