Adding item mods without merging?

Does anyone know how to add items like armor or weapons in a more user friendly way? It’s pretty annoying to always have to merge item mods or use replacers.

My own experience with the most user-friendly and accessible engines (in the case of Topic Cryengine and in consideration of today’s used) is no easier than in the days before the developer tools arrived. AND it was never easy in case of CryEngine. The original first Sandbox editor in FarCry or Crysis (Sandbox2) was not comfortable too. That means a little modification on one map (for exmaple adding a weapon) needs everytime a recomplile of the whole level/map. An extracted and modified script in xml format is one of the most common methods to modify a game today. Oh hell if i remeber the HUD/GUI modifying in Dead Island. It was a simple extract package file to get scripts, rewrite/modify some and repack with rar, like it is still the fastest method in kcd. So the only thing could be that some genius guy will program a simple and very deep and comfortable merge tool. It should scan everything but again, my own experiences are 50/50, It is hard without the whole entire source codes. Complex Games need complex procedures. If you want love that one thing, you should need to accept the other. Often to advantages. (Often i would like to have faster methods too)

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Yeah I hope warhorse will make an update. It’s a shame that you can have one weapon/armor mod effectifly. Especially in a game with modern graphics were new models take days or even weeks to make