Advice & Update System? Please help!

Hello everyone!

I’m seeking advice on whether or not I should purchase KCD. I really want to buy it but I’ve read over and over again that it is also a very buggy game. If a game is quite buggy, I don’t mind as long as the game’s developers put out regular updates and actually make an effort to improve the game.

On steam I can see that the last update was on july 18th. This seems rather old to me for the amount of bugs reported.

My question is: “Are the developers actually putting enough effort in improving the game and removing the bugs for me to buy this game?”

Thanks in advance for your honest advice.

It’s free on Steam right now, and has been for the last couple days, so download it and check it out before you buy for yourself.

We are basically at end of life for this game. No more DLC. They are working on mod support, and they can fix bugs if they’re game breaking or widespread, but they won’t be adding anything new or doing any more major reworks.

They constantly fix things but it doesn’t always improve them. Their updates have been put out after months, this is normal, though very possible that after modding support there won’t be any major updates coming and they will focus all efforts into new game. However, if the new game will be KCD sequel, it’s possible they will return to KCD with some improvements, maybe even coming from mods.