After 1.5 fights feel harder

Hi there,

I’m now 174 hours in the game the patch came when I hit the 150 or so.
Because I am actually not too good at combat, I tried to level up and practice for the main story.
It was all good and I got the hang of it, even against 2-3 mabe 4 opponents (if I was lucky). But when I first encountered 3 bandits on my way to skalitz, I got my ass handed to me. Okay, I thought, those were good equipped, but after that, a few peasants attacked me on the road and killed me.
After that, two cumans also killed me.
The thing is, before that, I even could escape, when I hit the run button, but now, it feels clumsy and stiff, I can’t get away, as if the grab and pull me.
I get surrounded so quickly!
The right stick won’t react fast enough (I play on PC with PS4 controller)
My main level is around 14, my strentgh somewhat about 15 and so on, so I’m not at the beginning of the story and like I said, I levelled up on purpose.

Did anyone notice that too?

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It’s awesome

I honestly don’t know.
There’s not that much fun in it to run away without seeing anything because the screen turns all red and still getting clubbed on your head.

I’m not complaining about the difficulty before, I have assimilated to it with getting better gear and maxing out captain Bernard, but now, well the fun fades…
It feels like I have “learned the rules” and now all of a sudden the rules have changed, seems not fair, since the “hardcore mode” is already announced. What for then?

Its probably because a lot of players were complaining about the lack of difficulty when you reach a high level/ end game.
Henry gets better but shouldnt be invincible.
I like the constant threat of getting killed on the road

Sure, I totally understand that, but if so, why did they only upgraded the enemies?
I mean, if I do a riposte or masterstrike, when fighting against 2-4 people I get kinda “sucked” in their midst and get clubbed from the others around, while I still perform that “scripted” move. (Before that I didn’t let them surround me)
I like to wait for their strike and parry, that’s impossible now, since the others literally “RUN” behind me.
No chance for me to get away, once they get their hands on me. I know that is realistic, but why would, for example: Sir Radzig let Henry go out there doing all that dangerous stuff all alone in the firts place? (considering their relationship no one would do that!)
The enemies block and counter/ parry everything, I can’t draw my bow in any reasonable speed, let alone the arrows.
My enemies are way too fast.
I can’t look around me fast enough, like I could with the mouse. The stick is too slow for that kind of difficulty.
Don’t get me wrong, I liked it so far, but now after the patch it slowly looses its charm.

This is just my opinion.

Game gets easy. I already wiped out Pribyslavitz before big battle. I have played around 60 hours and last 20 I mostly fought.

Might be, congrats.
But isn’t that what the “hardcore mode” supposed to be for?

I can beat capt. bernard every single time, 1v1 is also easy, but the rest got frustrating when it’s one against a few…

1.5 has made them group closer and not run so easy and chase you longer(together).
so maneuvering is more important and not get any behind you.

I see so that’s why, thank you for pointing that out.

Could need some Igni there xD

if on PC the mod Probane poison mod on your weapon, @-485 dmg (-1pt/sec and stay until death) they don’t last long.
Serrated edge perk and (forgot name) perk to make poison on blade last longer.

Wow, that looks cool!

Thank you so much for your help! <3

sounds like the mardi gras festival lol