Alchemy levelling?

Has anyone figured out a quick method to raise the alchemy skill? I love the mini game, its great for when you actually want to craft a potion you need! But creating potions just to level it up is soooo tedious.

Someone mentioned a trick for lock picking once you had enough cash was to buy a whole bunch and keep attempting a very hard difficulty lock or door cause even if you fail you got a lot of experience and leveled up very quickly. So maybe try just brewing potions and failing the steps quickly to see if you still get xp from it and make a bunch of junk potions to farm xp

Hmm could be worth a try, I’ll let you know if it works!

Sweet, sounds good

I did some messing around and from what I can see every potion gives you 40xp (tried 3 different recipes). Failed potions didn’t give me any experience so that’s a no go. But creating poison seems to be a really quick recipe! Quickest of the ones I’ve done anyway.

Boil 1 thistle for one turn
Leave to cool (which it usually does not long after the turn anyway)
Add 2 herb Paris
And finished.

I might try some other recipes in case there’s any that are quicker. Still seems like it’ll be a bit of a grind whichever way though.

Good to know, you don’t happen to know when you can just auto brew potions do you? That’s one of the loading screen hints I’ve seen several times.

Yeah it’s actually a perk you can get at level 13 alchemy. I’m hoping to get it sooner rather than later.

Just curious, how did you get the recipes? Also, after you create a recipe, does it go into some kind of recipe book for reference when you do it the next time?

You can buy recepies and you can just make potions blind and if you make a ‘‘working’’ one you get the recpy on the recipie book that’s next to all the alch tables

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would you be able to give a little example of how to make a simple potion? I never tried it yet. One time I was at the herbalist hut (the on that sold the potion to the 3 women) anyway, I tried to use her alchemy station. I clicked on the book, THEN, I started to elevate straight up in the air. I pressed the back button, but, I fell to the ground and died. Next time I try an alchemy station, I will do it when I wake up and have done NOTHING else. So, if something goes wrong, I won’t loose any progress that I made in the game. Thank you for your reply.

You can just google potions if you want. here’s a link the the Marigold potion. one of the better ones and easy to make. let’s you get health back and gives you a bit of nutrients and energy.

At level 5 Alchemy you get a perk that allows you one more mistake, in doing so you can make Marigold potions without boiling the nettle meaning you do as follows.

Get Potion

This is the fastest potion creation I’ve found and has gotten me a lot of exp and potions, keep it in mind for other potions as well, it’s not a “mistake fixer” it’s a “step skipper” :slight_smile: btw LONG LIVE KCD!!

EDIT: I also recommend this one because it’s so MASSIVELY useful (hp potions…) Marigold is plentiful in a lot of gardens and around the Monastery, and Nettle is literally everywhere and is commonly used to level Herbalism meaning you likely have a metric crap ton of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Great idea, thanks!