Alchemy Possible bug

All of a sudden I cant grab any of my herbs in alchemy after i put them on the shelf. It’s weird. It was working fine and I haven’t installed any mods or patches and then I turn it on today and this is going on. Anyone know a fix or is there something that can cause this in the game?

You cant grab herbs if you dont first put a liquid in the cauldron. Maybe thats the problem?

Really? I was trying to grind first. Thanks! I had no idea.

You can’t grind precautionary. Ingredients want to be thrown into the cauldron after grinding. They can’t be put aside.

actually, if you put the liquid in the pot, you can grind your herbs and have them in the bowl ready to go…whenever I make Savior Schnapps on Xbox one I do wine, put two hands of belladonna into the mortar, grind them together, put them in the bowl, throw the nettle in and boil it for the 2 turns and then dump the bowl and keep boiling for one turn…this way once I start boiling the potion I never have to stop…I keep pumping air to keep the heat on and flipping the hourglass as needed and once it’s time for the belladonna it’s already boiling so I just toss it in, flip the glass, grab a phial and once the timer is almost up(usually as soon as I grab the phial) I finish the potion…never fails and it’s fast as shit

you just HAVE to prep the potion, put the liquid in and THEN you can start doing grinding/adding ingredients

How can I interact woth the objects in alchemy? For some reason I cant even get started because I cant interact with the aqua

First you interact with the alchemy table to start…then you should put the ingredients you are going to use on the shelf, then it should let you grab the alcohol, water, etc on the left hand side.