Alchemy Recipe Book (printable)


I’ve created a printable book with recipes for Alchemy.
Avaliable for download here
Some samples below

Did it for myself but after contacting Warhorse (I’m using their logo on cover), they gave me permission to upload it as long as I get no profit of it.
If You choose to use it, please respect the copyright and while printing remember to choose the “BOOKLET” option.


Your download asks for money to be allowed to download, how can you claim you’re not getting profit from it. It asks for phone number and an SMS that you have to pay.

Download is free for files up to 50MB

Payment You are mentioning is not from me.


But if You know of any other places I can upload it, I will do so.

Sadly, I was unable to attach it to my post.

Well as soon as I click the Pobierz (I guess it means download) it asks me for my phone number to get a paid sms back to be able to access the download link. Who get’s the money I can’t tell.

The only really free and registration free solution I found is:

but sadly the files can stay there only for 1 week so it’s not really an ideal solution

Isn’t there a way to just upload it here?

I’m new to this forum too but it doesn’t seem possible to upload anything else but images files, sadly no pdf files

In that case, I can only ask You to try that download link once more, maybe something went wrong.

If it asks for any payment or SMS, You can either:

  1. Create free account and download
  2. Send me a PM here with Your e-mail address and I’ll attach it for You

Download is free and function. I tried it right now. BTW thanks for your work.

Yep, I tried it right now and no more paid SMS popup, I was able to download the file right away, thanks a lot Sleih

I really love to download this but I can’t. The SMS system doesn’t work for me.

Perhaps you can Email it to me? I’ll place it within my google drive and share the link here.

There is no SMS system, it’s probably an ADD. You just download it (PDF file, not the add). It is a free service so there is a limit of 50MB free transfer per day. If it asks You to pay just wait for another day.