Alienware 17 - uses only integrated GPU


I have the Alienware 17 (2014 version) with two GPU´S, integrated Intel HD graphics 4600 and dedicated AMD Radeon R9 M290X. But even I set the AMD card to be used to run KCD, the game still uses only Intel GPU. I don´t know how to force the game to use dedicated card, and it´s really sad that $1,499 machine runs the game on average 9 (!!) fps. I am still using windows 7, maybe that´s the problem, I don´t know. Any ideas?

Thank you


Do you use the latest AMD driver?
Can you force it in the Bios to use the grafic card?
Same problem with other games?
Alienware helpdesk?


We need a little bit more Info to help you.
Tell us ur specs…

CPU, Mainboard, ect…

Also you should install newest AMD GPU Driver:


The only Thing i remember is the FN + F7 Key combination (Alienware OSD Software must installed)


Might be a little bit risky, but I’ve done it on my PC. I disabled the integrated graphics in the device manager. Also you can go to I think either energy settings or nvidea control panel to select a designated GPU for a specific programm


He has amd and no nvidia. And there’s nothing risky about switching to dedicated gpu. It’s the normal thing to do when you have a dedicated gpu imo


Ah my bad. Yeah I’m not that well versed in computers if I’m honest