All 16 Kingdom Come Deliverance Maps - High Resolution - No Markers

All Maps From Kingdom Come Deliverance - Ultra High Resolution

This is simply a collection of all the in game maps used in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. All of the maps were extracted directly from the game files, re-combined and resized in photoshop and saved in jpeg format.

This includes the full global map at 8k+ and all of the individual towns at 4k+ resolutions. This also includes DLC maps for Pribyslavitz and for Thereza’s version of Skalitz. All maps were extracted directly from the game files and kept at the original, maximum resolution. All of the maps are also free of any UI elements or markers.

These maps are gorgeous and would work well for D&D and other tabletop RPG games for example. Enjoy.

Detailed list of maps:

Global Map - 8192 x 8192
Ledetchko - 5096 x 4096
Merhojed - 5596 x 4096
Neuhof - 4596 x 4096
Pribyslavitz - 4096 x 5096
Clean Pribyslavitz - 4096 x 5096
Rattay - 5596 x 4096
Rovna - 5096 x 4096
Samopesh - 5096 x 4096
Sasau - 4096 x 4596
Sasau City - 4096 x 4296
Skalitz - 4096 x 4196
Talmberg - 5096 x 4096
Thereza’s Skalitz - 4096 x 4596
Uzhitz - 4996 x 4096
Vranik - 4096 x 4096

NOTE, These are just preview images, if you click them to go to the image hosting site you will see that they are at the full resolution and you can download them there. Be aware that they are at a lower quality jpeg format to meet uploading sizes. If you want the absolute highest quality images, visit my mod at Nexus Mods. It’s an easy zip file download with all the images inside at their highest quality.
All Maps From Kingdom Come Deliverance - Ultra High Resolution

If you are looking for a smaller file size or don’t wish to use Nexus Mods then here is a link to the cut down quality images. They are still full resolution but JPG quality is reduced slightly. Click the “Download original image” button above the image in the link
Link to download gallery (Full Res, Med Quality JPGs)

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