All that glisters bug

Does anyone know how to fix ‘All that glisters’ quest?
Right now I’m supposed to talk with sir Radzig and I have just arrested jazhek. The only thing I can talk with radzig about is the preist. I have the key to the prison but can’t talk to jazhek down there either…

The quest was and still is marked as failed in the quest log, however after reading about the bugs in this quest I went to the mine and arrested jazhek without talking to Zack and all that so I’ve jumped over a few step and now it seems like I can’t finish it.

Hope the text makes sense, I’m writing on the phone from work :'D
Thank you in advance!

I have exactly the same problem… This hole quest line was very broken for me and I was hoping for my game to gget back on track after finishing this quest. Have you or someobody else found a solution yet?

I play on PS4, version 1.9.2.

Hey man,

The way i solved it was by loading another saved file. It threw me way back in the progress but atleast i was able to finish the quest.

hey, thanks for your answer.
That’s a pitty… well, at the moment, I don’t feel like going back ~10+h. I guess I will just wait and hope it might be patched one day…