All That Glisters.... Is a broken mess

So, I have no idea why or how, but All That Glisters is broken for me. The quest shows up as failed and I don’t honestly remember how in the world that it did fail.
I’m currently stuck at this point:

“Master Feyfar learned from Ulrich’s documents that the forgers use silver amalgam to plate the fake coins with, and to make it they had to have quicksilver, not something that’s easy to get hold of. They also use up large amounts of copper sheet, from which the make the core of the coins. The direction of the investigation was now clear - to Sasau, to track down the people who are supplying the forgers with materials.”

I’ve tried looking up online what I have to do but nothing is showing up that related to my issue. I have talked to Feyfar and even did his sidequest and got nothing from that to help me. Sir Radzig for some reason only wants to talk to me about the parish priest who use to be a soldier, Ulrich just doesn’t talk to me at all and I got his documents and showed them to Feyfar before, and I can’t talk to Rapota at all. Please, someone help me here because if I can’t figure this out, then I have to restart my game or backtrack (A LOT) of time just to try at this quest again.

I think your skipping a step.

Try talking to the baliff to start the fist fights in the quarry.

You can also go straight to the copper source if your speech is high enough. This is Zack the monastery blacksmith, he will come up with some plan to get master ota’s shop before he points you in the right direction.

The Miller north of town will tell you where to go if you did his quests already. If you didn’t then you will have to complete them first.

After you complete one of those 3 options you get pointed either to the meeting point with the bandits if you went along with Zack’s plan or to monastery scribe to ask about silver if you got your info from the other 2 options. Rapota is the scribes assistant and you have talk to the scribe before you can talk to Rapota.

If this does not work you will most likely have to reload a previous save from before you started the quest.

Yeah I ended up just reloading, but thank you for the reply, good to know there might be some other ways to fix it if I do another playthrough.

If you have already spoken with Zach and dont know what to do next. check the shed behind the forge. You should find a pile of copper. Talk with Zach again