Alternative way for lockpicking on PS4?



I just want to mention that I would love to see an alternative way of the lockpick-‘minigame’ on PS4.
For me anyway, and as I understand, for some others, the current way to pick locks is a bit too hard.

I would like to see an optional way, maybe a MOD, or an option in the settings menu to change the way to pick locks (=

Any chance of this happening?



Its only on lockpick skill,it will be easy on skill 3 or 4


What is your current lockpicking skill…


11 but its not so sensitive control,I have xbox and on the start game is lockpick terrible I know.


Take it easy,it must not be in perfect yellow point,but not lockpick slowly,the lockpick crashing


This is a very risky post! Many players are a little bit pissed by people complaining about how “hard” lock picking is which is understandable, just improve your in-game and personal skill and you’ll be lockpicking the hardest locks without even trying, I swear I can literally do it my eyes closed (no joke) on the hardest locks. The devs can’t tailor their game to suit your skill right?


Sure but it was really on your skill not henry skill.I break 50 lockpicks then I learned lockpicking,some people are learning a little bit more.


I dont understand how people still aren’t getting this. As soon as you get the lasting lockpick perk, v easy and easy lockpicks should be easy enough to do… i dont have the steadiest hands yet i can manage. How much do people need this game dumbing down.


I’m on xbox and I know it can be frustrating to lockpick. I came to the forums and looked at topics after a particularly infuriating lockpick training. (I actually swore off lockpicking at one point lol)
When I read those topics I thought, yea right, I’ll never make it to level 3 lockpicking.(the height of my frustration)

But it is true what they say, the lockpicking does get easier when you hit level 3 in lockpicking.

I spent the better part of 3-4 hours doing the following:
First,I got money by doing bandit missions for Bernard, getting the reward money and selling all the bandits stuff.
Then I spent an obscene amount of time running around the entire map looking for lockpicking trainers, books and lock picks.
Then I went to the mill and picked Pesheks training chest till I couldn’t anymore, then set off to far flung areas where I knew there were easy or very easy locks and picked away.

Right now my lockpicking is still low, but easy locks no longer give me trouble, I can open most of them in one shot.

My suggestion is to get some money if you haven’t already, get every resource you can that pertains to lockpicking and go for it. The millers usually have lockpicks, and I’m sorry I don’t remember who else besides Peshek that trains lockpicking.

Best of luck, I know you can do it :smiley:


I have full plate armor,best long sword and 40k,only selling garbage from bandits,cumans and searching all treasures…then it will be easy for everyone


I am on PC but use an Xbox 1 wireless controller. I sympathize with you. The sticks just are not smooth and steady enough. I revert to the key board for this operation.
They updated on it ( for PC) and did make it a little easier but it is the keyboard for me.


Even if they changed it to be like Skyrim; People will still complain about it. Skyrim even has the easy lockpicking mod.


and KCD too on PC
am glad I got the game on PC despite the problems.
console commands, mods, and faster patches( even if they break something else)


When I posted this, I were lvl.1, but as soon as I got to lvl.3 it became much more ‘controllable’.
-Now I actually really like it (=


Thank you, I followed your tips, and got to lvl.3 pretty fast! (=
(Sorry for replying so late)
-And it did get allot easier after that.

Also along with that I got more comfortable using the controller, it helped too (=
So, I guess I was a bit hasty with my criticism ^^

Thanks again :grinning:



Risky post, -I thought so too when I posted the topic, but I was really frustrated at the time (after allot of failed lock picking attempts ^^ )
Haven’t really tried my hands on the more advanced locks yet though.

But now I like it, and all from the start, I liked the whole concept of the game being more dependent on the players skill, than the way most other games do :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the game though! :smiley:


I’m so glad it worked out for you! Thanks for getting back and letting us know of your success. :smile:

Now to tackle the very hard locks. :wink:


So I think the frustration about lock picking isn’t only about the system. For me I’m ok if this is hard and punishing. But I’m not ok with that when “first” quest that I “have to” do is about lock picking and it seams impossible - with very high price of lock picks for the start… this is in my opinion a game design fail…