Always low on Nourishment and Energy - Better Combat and Immersion Compilation

Just to make things clear, I am playing on hardcore mode, and running the Better Combat and Immersion Compilation mod as well. Admittedly, this is my first hardcore playthrough, but I get the feeling something isn’t right, and it’s probably due to the mod if I was to guess. No matter what, I always seem to be quite literally hemorrhaging energy and nourishment, even when doing nothing at all. It’s also probably worth mentioning that I have the tapeworm and nightmares debuffs running.
I have advanced slightly past the prologue, and so I don’t have much money at all. All the money I do have, however, I have to spend on bread rolls and the like, in order to keep me satiated just for a few hours. Just this morning, about 8 o’clock, I spent my hard-earned 20 groschen on bread, which put me up to 71 nutrition. However, within 4 hours, I am back down to 33 (Edit: I double checked and each hour of sleep gives me a mere 3 points of energy!). I simply don’t have the time to get enough money to buy the food, because in the amount of time it takes to get the money, I lose more nutrition than I can hope to get back. I can’t even make use of pots, because in return for giving 20 nutrition, they take away 20 energy for some reason.
It is equally as hopeless in terms of energy. Sleep is essentially worthless, as sleeping for a full 8 hours nets you a miserable 44 energy and about 4 hours later, I am back at 22 and my eyelids are closing every few seconds.
Is anyone else having those issues? Is it a legitimate part of the game or am I being put through hell because of a faulty mod? As far as I can tell it is up to date, but I might have easily overlooked something.

Maybe hardcore is not your mode. Why do u think its called hardcore?

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You need to level up and get the Ascetic and insomniac perks if you want to have normal-ish appetite and energy. I go through 3-4 bread servings a day with all negative perks. It may also be that mod.

Edit - looks like that mod is going to make hardcore quite a bit harder.


I do my “loot Run” every 2- 3 days, what means i Ride from sasau to Uschitze via Skalitz so i have 6 stops fo possible ambush and it get in a Fight at least in 2. This way you can loot bread meat and dryed stuff from severel dead bodies. If you are low in stats make Sure you have a horse that doesn’t fear Fights (sleipnir, jenda…) so you can Lure the remaining enemies away and Ride Back to loot the dead ones. Or Just do some hunting.
For sleeping maybe try so get in a rythm Like sleep until 6 in the morning skip time till 9 to get rid of your neg perk. Do something until 5 or 6 and Go to sleep again - should Work quite fine.

Simply visit Skallitz. If you did not find enough loot, follow the road till the forest, then back to Skallitz

Hi, had the same issue with this mod. I think it was balanced for normal rather than hardcore, and in my hardcore play-through plus added tapeworm perk I was going crazy hungry all the time. It can be fixed quite easily though.
-Go to the mod folder and open data.
-Than open zzz_BCAIC_BetterCombat_MoreRealisticPerks_Regeneration_Digestion_CarryWeight_SellingPrices_DirtApplication
with 7z.

  • you will see content of the mod, keep opening the folders (libs, tables, rpg) till you get to actual files and open rpg_param__bcaic.xml with a notepad (++ ideally as it is visually easier to operate)
  • there all you need to do is to amend these two lines to your liking:
    <row rpg_param_key=“DigestionSpeed” rpg_param_value=“0.000857408” / <!-- BCAIC: +0.000578704 –
    <row rpg_param_key=“ExhaustionSpeed” rpg_param_value=“0.000668056” / <!-- BCAIC: +0.000289352 –
  • the figure on the right is a default rate of the game, mod author left it there to provide the context. the number in the middle is the actual value, which you can change how you please. Any number higher than default will speed up your hunger and tiredness.

In original mod author doubled the values. The figures above are what I changed it to, and those numbers feel ok-ish. But you can just play around till you find your perfect pace.

Hope it helps!