Ambrose's Dice (possible spoiler)

Anyone have an updated list of the various loaded playing dice and their stats?
I have seen a reddit post about it:

but this list is not complete. it does not include several dice that i have in my possession, specifically:
Alphonse’s Devil Dice
Alphonse’s Die
Ambrose’s Dice

I’m at the part in AWL where i have the optional objective of throwing ambrose’s dice down a well, but if his dice are better than what i currently use (4 odd die, 1 heavenly kingdom dice, 1 lucky dice) then obviously i’d rather keep them. Anyone know if his dice are any good? Or even better, does anyone have a link to a dice list with stats updated to the most recent DLC?

So, if we play 1.9.6 version of game we can see from die.xml that for the
Alphonse’s Devil Dice (id 29fb91de-5454-41b6-a591-c86c8d614db9) : side_weight_1=“1” side_weight_2=“1” side_weight_3=“1” side_weight_4=“1” side_weight_5=“1” side_weight_6=“1”, that means equal chance of all sides (sum = 6, 1/6 = 16.6% of each sides) like the Devil’s head dice.
Alphonse’s Die (id ff5efcee-a92f-406a-8c6f-518556c205da) : side_weight_1=“5” side_weight_2=“1” side_weight_3=“1” side_weight_4=“1” side_weight_5=“2” side_weight_6=“3” that means (sum=13, side1=5/13=38.5%, side2=1/13=7.7%, side3=1/13=7.7%, side4=1/13=7.7%, side5=2/13=15.4%, side6=3/13=23%).
Ambrose’s Dice (id 045b5264-5840-43bf-90fb-d8635cd799cf): side_weight_1=“4” side_weight_2=“3” side_weight_3=“1” side_weight_4=“1” side_weight_5=“2” side_weight_6=“3” (sum=14, side1=4/14=28.6%, side2=3/14=21.4%, side3=1/14=7.1%, side4=1/14=7.1%, side5=2/14=14.3%, side6=3/14=21.4%).