An Interesting Find


I found this little water wheel while adventuring. How I found it was I kept hearing tapping or knocking. I thought maybe someone was either cutting wood or hammering on something. Turns out it was this little device. What do you suppose it was used for? It has a notch on the wheel which raised a litter levar than kept making the sound as it fell over and over again.


Many before you asked about this.


Thanks. They probably didnt have much to entertain themselves back then so this makes sense. Also Id bet very few people except the wealthy could read or have access to books. You really had to use your imagination back then.


I recently played The Witcher 3 where the kids played in the mud. Seriously, what else would entertain a child than his own fantasy and creativity if there is not much to play with. Not talking about rich kids.


LMAO. Mud pies, swimming. Exploring the woods. But ya I see what your saying. Rich kids probably had it pretty good in those days. But a lot was also probably expected of them. Tutors for languages and arts.