'An Oath is an Oath' Main Quest Crash (Xbox Series S)

After a year of being unable to complete my previous save due to an infinite loading screen, I thought i’d give the game another chance to win me back.

Although I was able to avoid that same issue this time (Avoiding a specific quest), I have, however, run into another issue on the mission ‘An Oath is an Oath’.


After the battle to take the inner courtyard, the game fades to black before playing a brief (literally a millisecond) glimpse of a cutscene. After which, the game immediately moves to a black screen with the loading symbol, before crashing to dashboard. No cutscene is played.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I’ve heard it’s an issue with the games’ save/load mechanics, and the only solution is to play through the whole game in one sitting without loading or saving to actually avoid this. Surely that can’t be the only fix? Wouldn’t totally surprise me to be honest. Game stability, no PLAYABILITY, has been a nightmare since release!

Playing on Xbox Series S, current patch.