Ancestors Legacy and KCD teaser




Let’s see, we’ve got a top-down RTS focused on Danial Vavra’s favourite period in history (The Danes, or Vikings) teaming up with a first-person RPG focused on the High medieval Period of Bohemian (Czech) history. There is a lot the surprise could very well be


Strange to see another game, I am awaiting, cooperating with a game, I was awaiting.


L utilizes Anglo-Saxons, Slavs, Germans, and Vikings.

Out of these, the most likely are Slavs and Germans to be represented through a partnership.

So what do we know that might be in regards to KC:D.


“The Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War or Great War occurred between 1409 and 1411, pitting the allied Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania against the Teutonic Knights.”

This is a major event that would come to reshape the area around Bohemia, Poland, Lithuania. It’s in the same time frame as well as a more focused War/Story. Lastly it would have involved German, Slavs, Polish, Bohemians.

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