And one more FPS topic

I have an average PC, 8700-32 GB ddr4-2080. At ultra settings at the gates of Ratae, my FPS does not exceed 31-33. If i turn to face the city, it will be 50 - but this is not the problem. As you can see in the screenshot, my GPU and CPU are not fully utilized. The load on the cores of the CPU is well balanced, the temperature of the CPU and the GPU does not exceed 60 degrees, so it does not overheat. The system did not even come close to the bottleneck - why is my FPS so low? In other games, such as BF5 or Star Citizen, I have 90-120 fps when loading a CPU / GPU at 97%. Everything is clear there, not enough system performance. But here the system uses about half of the resources, not even coming close to the limit!

How the hell u get 30fps looking that way and 50 other way it should be otherway so weird. U said thats ultra how is that ground texture so bad then? I bet I get more fps with 1060 and 8600K 4.6Ghz problem might be ur “slow” cpu

This is max with increased draw distances and volumetric fog on/off. im running this 1080p. This is version 1.2 I know but that still affects as u can see 4.4Ghz and 4.7Ghz difference is clearly noticeable!

This is the performance normally inside the gates

As I said, the problem is not low FPS. In the end, when trying to turn on the ultra, they honestly warn that this is for the future. The problem is that the system uses less than 60% of the resources, and theoretically, is capable of more. As for the texture of the earth - yes, I paid attention to it, but I decided that it was in that place that there was just sticky dirt. In the end, I did not change any settings, just put ultra everywhere and high-res textures - maybe something is wrong with them.
Well, a lot depends on the lighting. It is possible that if I get up there at sunset (like you) - I will also have 37 fps. In my case - dawn, about 6 in the morning.

Here are some more screenshots. As you can see, I set everything to ultra, and then set the drawing distance to maximum (by default, when you select ultra, the distance is not maximum).